In this passage from "My Escape from Slavery" by Frederick Douglass, the reader doesn’t know the meaning of the word tarpaulin. Which active reading strategy would be the most helpful? "I had on a red shirt and a tarpaulin hat, and a black cravat tied in sailor fashion carelessly and loosely about my neck."
Summarizing the paragraph while ignoring the word
Highlighting the word and writing its definition in the margin
Quickening his pace as he encounters this and other difficult words
Rewriting, or paraphrasing, the section in his own words


Answer 1

The answer is d I believe

Answer 2


Highlighting the word and writing its definition in the margin


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When writing, you can most effectively use a dash______. A. to get the reader's attention B. in place of a semicolon C. to add a formal touch to a sentence D. in place of an exclamation point


When writing, you can most effectively use a dash A. to get the reader's attention. When you introduce a dash in the middle of your text, you will place a break in the sentence and thus draw the reader's attention to that particular part of the sentence. It means that it is important, or that you would like them to pay attention to that part.

Not everything the Puritans contributed was positive.
Their society was repressive
in that
A. they educated all of their children.
B. they established a large publishing
center in Boston.
C. they were not allowed to read or write
plays and novels, nor listen to music.

Please help


The answer is C because it is the only one that actually restricts the people. the other two are positive answers


COMPOUND SENTENCE OR COMPOUND VERB 1. THE SENTENCE COMPOUND , OR IS IT SIMPLE WITH A VERB? Samantha packed her luggage and cleaned her room before noon. A. simple sentence with a compound with a compound verb B. compound sentence



Samantha packed her luggage and cleaned her room before noon.

The simple subject is: Samantha (the person, place, or thing doing the action(s)

The simple predicate is: packed (and) cleaned

Direct object: room

Since there is only one clause, this is a simple sentence.  There are two verbs, to it is a compound verb/predicate.

The correct option is A.

Can you formulate a theory about theme in Things Fall Apart? A. Achebe explores one of his themes, the clash between masculinity and femininity, through his characterization of Okonkwo.

B.Things Fall Apart portrays the effects of pre-colonialism on the Igbo culture.

C.Things Fall Apart that we are introduced to the Mexican missionaries.

D.The appearance of the white European missionaries does not cause a huge upheaval in the Igbo society.


The best answer here is B. While Achebe does explore variations of each of these answers (except for C as the missionaries were white), B is the best answer because he slowly introduces the culture of the White man into the culture of his story.

The Igbo culture was one that was still firmly entrenched in the ways of its ancestors. The people still did things they way they were done years before. It was important for them to continue to do this because it brought them closer together as a people. However, with the introduction of the White missionaries, things begin to change.

People no longer honor their ancestors as they once did. They do not observe rituals or various things the way they once did. This is difficult for Okonkwo especially since he still firmly believes in the way things were done. The White missionaries coming to the Igbo shows the creeping effects of colonialism in a place like Africa.

It shows how the missionaries helped to change not only the culture, but the people with the introduction of not only their religion but also some of their things, such as the bicycle and other goods. By the end of the novel, we have a fairly good idea that the Igbo culture as it was presented at the start of the book will be no more because the missionaries have taken the individuality they had in their culture and turned them away from it.


Answer is A, tried B it is wrong


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