25 Kaia ate 3/6 of a banana. Zoie ate an equivalent amount. Which fraction shows how much of a banana Zoie ate? Circle the
letter of the correct answer.
A:1/3 B:2/3 C:5/8 or D:1/2

Landon chose A as the correct answer. How did he get
that answer?


Answer 1

Answer: D:1/2

Step-by-step explanation: 3/6 simplifies to 1/2, making them equal. Landon got his answer by simplifying the problem incorrectly. 1/3 is equal to 2/6

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The sum of a number and 23 is 78....
I need an algebraic expression or equation.


Lets call our number . We know that we want a sum, which means addition, and we also know that the sum when we add together our number an 23 is equal to 78.

So we have: our number added to 23 is 78. Converting this to math symbols we get:  
The equation for this question will be, x+23=78. (By the way, x=55.)

The length of a line segment is 13 units. One end point of the line segment is -3,7. Find four points that could be the other end points of the line segment



The points are (-16,7),(10,7),(-3,-6) and (-3,20)

Step-by-step explanation:

We have that one endpoint is at (-3,7) and the length is 13 units.

A point that is 13 units horizontally to the left and right will have the same y-coordinate but with x-coordinates that are 13 units from -3.

Hence we have (-16,7) and (10,7)

Also a point that is 13 units vertically up and down will have the same x-coordinate but with y-coordinates that are 13 units from 7.

Hence we again have (-3,-6) and (-3,20)


How to write 1 x 100,000 + 3 x 10,000 + 9 x 1,000 + 8 x 100 + 5 x 10 + 2 x 1 in standard form




Step-by-step explanation:


Step-by-step explanation:

standard form is the way to write the number the simplest. this number would be...



a professional baseball team won 84 games this season . the team won 14 more games than it lost . how many games did the team lose?how many did it play?


The team lost 70 games and the team played 154 games

What is the equation?

The equation is defined as mathematical statements that have a minimum of two terms containing variables or numbers that are equal.

We have to determine the number of games the team lost.

Let the number of games won would be W

And the number of games lost would be L

We have been given that a professional baseball team won 84 games this season. the team won 14 more games than it lost.

According to the question,

⇒ W = L+14

⇒ W = 84

Substitute the value of W = 84 in equation W = L+14,

⇒ 84 = L+14

Subtract 14 on both sides

⇒ 84 - 14= L

⇒ L = 70

So the number of games lost would be 70.

We have to determine how many games were played,

Adding the games won and the games lost, we get

⇒ W + L = 84+70 = 154 games

Therefore, the team played 154 games

Learn more about the equation here:


It played 20 lost 10
thank me later
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