What is the difference between a relation and a function? Is every relation a function? Is every
function a relation? Explain.


Answer 1


Not all relationships are functions, but all functions are also relationships

Step-by-step explanation:

A relationship is a correspondence between two sets of values.

A relationship assigns values from an output set called range to a set and input called a domain.

On the other hand, a relation is a function if and only if there is only one value of the output set (Range) assigning to each value of the input set (Domain).

In other words, if an input value is assigned two or more output values , , .. then the relationship is not a function. This means that not all relationships are functions.

  is a relation but it is not a function.

because when x = 4 then y = 1 and y = 5.

Not all relationships are functions, but all functions are also relationships

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For which angle θ is cosθ = −1? 270° 360° 450° 540°


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what is general solution of trigonometric equation?

The expression involving integer 'n' this gives all solutions of a trigonometric equation.

We know that,

cos θ = -1 at  θ= 180°.

Since, cos θ has a period of 2π, or 360°.

It means that cos θ will have the value equal to -1 again after an interval of  2π.

Thus,  cos θ will be -1 after repeating interval of  2π.

So, as  cos θ = -1 at  θ= 180°.

Using general solution,

θ = π + 2nπ

Here, n=1

then, = 180° + 2*1*180

        = 540°

Hence, at 540° the cos θ will be -1.

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I hope this helps you

COS180=COS540= -1
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