You spot a boat full of people but there isn’t a single person on board. How is that possible?


Answer 1


Everyone on the boat is married


Answer 2


Everyone on the boat is married, therefore not a single person was on board.

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What latin root does the word light come from ?


I am not sure about the root, but light comes from the Latin verb lucere, which means to shine, and from the noun lux, which means light.
You may also know from Harry Potter that there is a spell called - lumos, coming from Latin lux, which also means light. 

What is the function of the relative pronoun in the adjective clause? After two years, I met the friend with whom I had exchanged many letters.



object of a preposition

direct object


It's C, object of the preposition. But we usually put the preposition after the verb from the relative clause: "I met the friend whom I had exchanged many letters with" .

On the first day of high school Jonah woke up early and ate a healthy breakfast before catching the bus at 7:30. He was relieved to see the familiar face of his old friend, Robert, who lived three blocks away on Seventh Street. The two friends sat together on the bus and talked about their summer vacations. When they finally arrived at the school they walked in together and looked around as they began navigating the hallways. Because neither of them was exactly certain where to go, they asked a teacher in the hall, who pointed them in the right direction. Both boys were going to be in Mrs. Henderson's homeroom class, which was good news. The bad news was that her class was all the way over in the distant C halls. The boys would have to hurry to get there on time, as it seemed a very bad omen to be marked late for homeroom on the very first day of high school! Which sentence can be added to this paragraph to develop the characters through reflection? A) The teacher in the hall was Mr. Dolce, who taught freshman Spanish. B) "Jonah, we're going to be late if we don't hurry up!" called Robert. C) "You need to be in your homeroom by eight o'clock," said the teacher. D) Jonah felt nervous as he imagined walking into a class full of strangers


The sentence that can be added to this paragraph to develop the characters through reflection is:

D. Jonah felt nervous as he imagined waking into a class full of strangers

This sentence reveals how Jonah feels. Also, it lets the reader have some more insight about the character through reflection. The sentence reflects that Jonah is not comfortable around strangers and that is why he is nervous. On the other hand, option A lets the reader know who Mr. Dolce is but it does not develop in any way the characters through reflection. Options B and C express facts that the reader already knows; they do not develop the characters through reflection.

The correct answer is C or if not it would be D so don't celebrate too fast because I could be wrong.

All of the following can cause you to be uncertain about your path except: A. focusing on your goal.
B. taking the easy way out.
C. being afraid.
D. other people doubting you.


A. Focusing on your goal. This is because all other things should not affect you, although they stop many people from achieving great things in life. Hope this helps!
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