How old was sacagawea when she got married


Answer 1


I think thirteen

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You pull your sled through the snow a distance of 500 meters with a horizontal force of 200 newtons. How much work did you do?


The force applied to pull an object is 200 N and the distance it sleds through the snow is 500 meters, so the amount of work done over here is 1,00,000 Nm.

What is Work?

When an external force moves an object over a distance, at least a fraction of that force must be exerted in the displacement's direction. This is known as work in physics. By multiplying the length of the path by the component of the force acting along the path, work can be calculated if the force is constant. The work W is equal to the force f times the distance d, or W = f.d, to mathematically describe this idea.

According to the question, the given values are :

Distance, d = 500 meters

Force, f = 200 Newton

So the formula for work done= force× displacement

W = 200 × 500

W = 1,00,000 Nm

Hence, the work done over here is 1,00,000 Nm.

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the answer will be u need to divide 500 by 200 so a force of 150 ig

"fifty-four forty or fight!" which explains the significance of the motto in relationship to the movement for westward expansion?


The “Fifty-four Forty” raises to a line of latitude, an east-west running line marking a north-south border. This specific line was the anticipated national boundary between the mounting United States’ Oregon territory and Canada. During the 1844 presidential campaign, the Democratic Party declared that the US could claim all land in the Oregon Country north to the 54-40 line or parallel. The British disputed claims north of the 42nd parallel. 54-40 or fight turn out to be the slogan of the expansionists. Subsequent to the election, Democratic Pres. James Polk finally led the US to decide to a concession border at the 49th parallel where the northern boundary survives.


Under Stalin's push for industrialization, by 1940 the Soviet Union was the third most industrialized country in the world behind A.Germany and Japan.
B.France and the United States.
C.Great Britain and Germany.
D.the United States and Germany.






The Taj Mahal was built with influences from which two cultures? A. Islamic and Byzantine
B. Hindu and Mughal
C. Byzantine and Hindu
D. Islamic and Hindu


D. Islamic and Hindu

hindu and islamic is correct

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