What are the parts or process that can describe an ecosystem? a. chemical changes and flow of energy
b. chemical changes and flow of water
c. physical changes and flow of energy
d. physical changes and flow of water


Answer 1


a. chemical changes and flow of energy


Energy flow from one organisms of one tropic level to other, matter cycling and transformation of energy are the functions that sustain the ecosystem. Transformation of solar energy into chemical energy by plants serves as energy source for all heterotrophic living beings in the system. The heterotrophic organisms digest the ingested food (chemical change) to release energy to support their life processes. The energy stored at one tropic level is carried to next tropic level via food chain and food webs and represents the interaction between living components of ecosystem.

Answer 2
Answer: It is      A  both chemical changes and flow of energy

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Question 16 1 pts
Describe one of the extinction events in our geologic history. In your description,
describe what type of life forms were wiped out and the most accepted theory of the


Answer and Explanation:

The Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction, which occurred around 66 million years ago, is defined as a mass extinction that wiped out around three-quarters of species on Earth.

Among the organisms that disappeared during this event, we find mammals, birds, fish, sharks, pterosaurs, birds, reptiles, insects, and some plant species.

This event is marked by the presence of a sediment layer known as the K-Ph boundary which showed important levels of iridium, an element that is abundant in craters. Therefore, after its discovery, scientists hypothesize this extinction occurred due to the impact of the giant Chicxulub crater which changed the conditions of the atmosphere.


If I have blue-green, and purple veins what undertone do I have? I believe I'm neutral but I'm not sure because neutral is blue and green veins, not purple so please help


Your undertone is neutral since it is a mixed of cool and warm undertones. Cool undertone appears to be blue or purple in light while warm undertones appear green or olive in natural light. Knowing the right undertone will help you to know what the right foundation you'll choose.

Some structures related to fungi include hyphae and mycellium. Which statement BEST explains how these structures are related? A) Hyphae hold mushrooms and other fungi upright by attaching to a mycellium.
B) Hyphae absorb water under ground and the mycellium absorbs water above ground.
C) Hyphae are long, threadlike structures that create a network called a mycellium.
D) Hyphae absorb nutrients from the soil that the mycellium converts into carbon dioxide.



The correct answer would be option C.

Mycelium refers to the vegetative part of a fungus which is formed by the mass of branching, thread-like hyphae.

It helps in the absorption of nutrients from the surrounding environment. The biological polymers are first converted or digested into monomers with the help of enzymes secreted by the hyphae.

These monomer units are then absorbed by the mycelium either through facilitated diffusion or active transport.

Hyphae are long threadlike structures that create a network called a mycelium

C-12, c-13, and c-14 all have the same number of protons and are the same


They are the same element
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