When was Nelson Mandela born?


Answer 1
Answer: Nelson Mandela was born in July 18, 1918
Answer 2
Answer: July 18 1918

According to google.
Which is usually correct.

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Which of the following is an effect of the Agricultural Revolution in Middle America? A. People settled down into villages. B. People began hunting and gathering more. C. People stopped hunting and gathering. D. People started having fewer children.


People relied on hunting for sustenance prior to the agricultural revolution. People eventually realized they couldn't always rely on hunting methods to provide them with food. Hence option C is correct .

What is the effect of the Agriculture revolution ?

At those time, individuals would gather anything they saw on the ground and try to make use of them. However, as time went on, mankind mastered agriculture, which eventually caused them to give up hunting.

The Agricultural Revolution's increase in agricultural output and technological developments led to unprecedented population growth and novel agricultural practices, resulting in phenomena like rural-to-urban migration, the creation of a well-organized but loosely regulated agricultural market, and the rise of capitalist farmers.

Due to gains in labor and land productivity, Britain's agricultural production has increased at a never-before-seen rate.mid-17th century through the late 19th century. Up until 1770, agricultural productivity increased more quickly than population growth, and it afterwards continued to rank among the highest in the world.

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# SPJ 2

B) People began hunting and gathering more.


When people reach their 40s, they enter the time known as middle adulthood, which extends to the mid-60s. This involves finding their life’s work and contributing to the development of others through activities such as volunteering, mentoring, and raising children. What is the primary developmental task of this stage? a) intimacy
b) isolation integrity
c) despair trust
d) mis-trust generativity
e) stagnation



The correct answer is generativity vs Stagnation so the correct answer might be e) Stagnation.


The primary developmental task of this stage is Generativity vs Stagnation.

Generativity refers to the subjective feeling of "leaving a mark". A concern for helping people and the newer generations in a positive and lasting way. It is a need to nurture people and new generations and be a guidence to them.

If the person doesn't master this task he/she will probably experience stagnation, which is a subjective feeling of having no connection with others, and losing interest in helping others and feeling productive in society.

So the correct answer is: Generativity-Vs stagnation.


Alberto is a manager who tends to think he knows more than he does. he is most likely exhibiting​ ________.


The answer would be: The Overconfidence bias.


As long as the associate editors at Zeal Publishing accurately proofread at least 100 pages of manuscript each day, they are free to come up with their own schedules and work styles to achieve their daily goal. Zeal Publishing appears to follow a _____ system.



The answer is self-control system.


In business, self-control means the worker is able to regulate the pace and outcome of their job. In other words, he is able to choose the schedules and distribution of work as long as the quota is met on time.

Some studies have shown that self-control based jobs provide a higher level of satisfaction for workers, in contrast to full-time jobs.

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Have you ever seen footage of search and rescue dogs working at disasters? Have you seen movies or TV programs in which dogs are used to find lost children or track escaped prisoners? Search and rescue dogs save many lives, but they also inspire respect and admiration. They go where we can't go, use senses that out-perform our own feeble versions, and they save lives with the help of their expert trainers and handlers. Search and rescue dogs (SARs) are not just born, however. They require a huge investment of time, dedication, training, and patience almost from the day they are born. SAR dogs are carefully selected when they are quite young. Trainers look for dogs that lack aggression and respond well to commands. They also look for a certain mental focus—it can be on a type of play or a special toy—that will enable the dog to work at a single task for a long time. This focus is important to the training of the dog, but also will be required when the dog is searching for and following human scent. Read this line from the text: Trainers look for dogs that lack aggression and respond well to commands. They also look for a certain mental focus—it can be on a type of play or a special toy—that will enable the dog to work at a single task for a long time. This text supports which of the following? Dogs must know several commands even before being chosen. Few trainers ever find suitable dogs to begin training. Not all dogs have the ability to be search and rescue dogs. Trainers are willing to take even the youngest of dogs to train.