Select the correct answer. Which term defines the exchange of goods and services between parties and individuals across countries? A. national trade B. regional trade C. international trade D. local trade


Answer 1
Answer: C) International trade. International is a term for across nations or countries.

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The type of cover letter written in response to a posted job opening: a. Networking letter
b. Prospecting letter
c. Application letter
d. Follow up letter


The answer is: C. application letter

Application letter should contain the statement that you feel would influence the employers to invite you to the interview. Generally, it would include things such as your brief background, your passion, how your skills would fit in to the company, etc.

The option C is correct.

An application letter is written in response to a posted job opening.

Further Explanation:

Cover letter:

A cover letter is used by employers. It is a document prepared by the employers in which the information has been sent to the candidate regarding the job opportunity and attached the resume with it. The cover letter mainly used for business purposes. There are various types of cover letters for different communication with the employee.

Justification for the correct and incorrect answer:


Networking letter: This option is incorrect.

A networking letter is a type of letter which can be used for the request, to grab the opportunities of unhidden job openings. This type of letter can be sent to a lot of friends, friends of friends and any known and unknown persons. This is not the correct option for the posted job opening.  


Prospecting letter: This option is incorrect.

A prospecting letter is a document that has been issued in case of future possible openings that may occur. This is not the correct cover letter for a posted job opening.


Application letter: This option is correct.

Application letter refers to a type of document which has been issued for the purpose posted job openings. It contains the detail of job description, number of post and profile. This is the correct cover letter for a posted job opening  


Follow up letter:This option is incorrect.

Follow up letter is a type of letter which creates the relationship strong. After a business meeting, job interview or any meet up with the other people, a follow-up letter has been sent to create a good relationship. This is not the correct option.

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Subject: Business

Chapter: Types of cover letter

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Dacker Products is a division of a major corporation. The following data are for the most recent year of operations: Sales $ 36,480,000 Net operating income $ 2,808,960 Average operating assets $ 8,000,000 The company's minimum required rate of return 16 % The division's residual income is closest to: Multiple Choice a. $2,808,960
b. $4,088,960
c. $(3,027,840)
d. $1,528,960


Answer: The Answer Is B



The correct answer is d.


Net operating income $2,808,960

Minimum required return (8,000,000X16%)= 1,280,000

$2,808,960 - 1,280,000 =  Residual Income - 1,528,960


The Wall Street Journal reports that the rate on three-year Treasury securities is 4.75 percent and the rate on four-year Treasury securities is 5.00 percent. The one-year interest rate expected in three years is E(4r1), 5.25 percent. According to the liquidity premium theory, what is the liquidity premium on the four-year Treasury security, L4? 0.0375 percent0.504 percent5.01 percent5.04 percent



L4= 0.504%


1 +1R4= {(1 +1R3)(1 + E(4r1) +L4)}1/4

1.0500 = {(1.0475)^3(1 + 0.0525 +L4)}1/4

(1.0500)^4= (1.0475)3^(1 + 0.0525 +L4)

(1.0500)^4/(1.0475)^3= 1 + 0.0525 + L4


L4= .0050358564 = 0.504%


Which of the following is true of the cash method of accounting? It's only available to C corporations with sales over $5 million.

A sale is entered into the books when the invoice is generated.

You pay taxes on revenue before you actually receive it.

Recording of income can be put off until the next tax year when the income is actually received.



Recording of income can be put off until the next tax year when the income is actually received.


The cash method of accounting is simply to record revenue when it is actually received, i.e. when the company gets paid, and record expenses when they are actually paid by the company.

If a company sells a lot of products on credit, it will have a lot of accounts receivable, or purchases a lot of inputs on credit, it will have a lot of accounts payable. Cash inflows or outflows are all that matters.

This actually postpones sales recognition (and corresponding taxes) until the cash is received.

Recording of the income can be put off until next year when the income is actually received.

In the cash method of accounting, you record expenses when they are paid and revenue when it is received.

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Read the excerpt from “The Pit and the Pendulum,” a short story by Edgar Allan Poe and answer the question that follows. In it, a prisoner condemned to death has been trapped in a lightless dungeon. When an eerie glow from an unknown source enables him to see his surroundings, he compares the impressions he gained in the dark with what he observes when the dungeon is lit. In its size I had been greatly mistaken. The whole circuit of its walls did not exceed twenty-five yards. For some minutes this fact occasioned me a world of vain trouble; vain indeed! for what could be of less importance, under the terrible circumstances which environed me, than the mere dimensions of my dungeon? But my soul took a wild interest in trifles, and I busied myself in endeavors to account for the error I had committed in my measurement. The truth at length flashed upon me. In my first attempt at exploration I had counted fifty-two paces, up to the period when I fell; . . . upon awaking, I must have returned upon my steps—thus supposing the circuit nearly double what it actually was. . . . I had been deceived, too, in respect to the shape of the enclosure. In feeling my way I had found many angles, and thus deduced an idea of great irregularity; so potent is the effect of total darkness . . . The angles were simply those of a few slight depressions, or niches, at odd intervals. The general shape of the prison was square. What I had taken for masonry seemed now to be iron, or some other metal, in huge plates . . . The entire surface of this metallic enclosure was [covered] in . . . hideous and repulsive devices . . . Which of the following words BEST describes the mood of the excerpt? A. humorous B. righteous C. sinister D. prosperous