Does my dog like me? Non scientific or scientific question?


Answer 1

The given question is a scientific question.

Most scientists believe that humans adopted dogs around 10,000 years ago, and data from 2013 suggests that the two species have been genetically adjusting to one another ever since.

These alterations have improved relations between people and dogs.

What are some of the scientific shreds of evidence that show dogs' love for humans?

Chemical evidence of love: Oxytocin-gaze positive loop

A hormone called oxytocin functions in the brain as a neurotransmitter. When people hug their loved ones or look into their eyes, bursts of this hormone are detected, and it appears to support human bonding. But it's possible that dogs have taken over this crucial chemical bonding mechanism. The same oxytocin pathway was found to be used in a 2015 Japanese study to discover interspecies gaze-mediated bonding between dogs and people. Both people and dogs experience an increase in the "love drug" oxytocin when they look into each other's eyes.

Owner sniffing scan of the brain as proof

In a little study that was published in 2014, dog brain researcher Gregory Berns and his team showed that when a dog sniffs its owner, the dog's brain responds in a certain way.

In order to better understand the caudate nucleus, a part of the brain that assists in the coordination of our neuronal "reward system," the researchers trained a few dogs to remain calm while being observed by fMRI equipment. When the canines picked up their owners' scent, the caudate nucleus lit up. When the dogs picked up the fragrance of other random people or dogs, the effect was less significant.

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Answer 2

NON SCIENTIFIC!  its not have anything to do with science ingenues

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