Robyn cut a length of ribbon into four pieces to wrap four gifts.The lengths she cut were 16 7/12 inches, 10 3/12 inches, 4 9/12 inches , and 10 2/12 inches. If she used the whole ribbon , how long was her ribbon?


Answer 1


The length of the ribbon is inches.

Step-by-step explanation:

If she cuts the whole ribbon into four unequal pieces, then the length of the ribbon can be found by adding all the lengths.

The length of the ribbon

We add the whole number parts separately and the fractional parts too separately to get;


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A cylinder has a volume of 136 cubic centimeters. What is the volume of a cone with the same height and the same diameter


Volume of a cylinder = pi r^2 h If the cone has exactly the same measurements then its formula is going to be
V_cone = 1/3 pi r^2 h. If that's the case the only difference is that the Cone's volume is 1/3 that of the cylinder
V_cone = 1/3 V_cylinder
V_cone = 1/3 136 cubic cm.
V_cone = 45.33 cubic cm.

As a first step in solving the system shown, Yumiko multiplies both sides of the equation 2x – 3y = 12 by 6. By what factor should she multiply both sides of the other equation so that she can add the equations and eliminate a variable? What one-variable equation is she left with after adding? 5x + 6y = 18
2x – 3y = 12




Yumiko should multiply the other equation by 3.

If she adds the two equations she would be left with the variable 'x'.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given the two equations are as follows:

It is given that she multiplies the first equation by 6. Therefore, (1) becomes

Now, note that the sign of the variable 'y' is negative. So, if we make the co-effecient of 'y' equal in both the cases, add them it would result in the elimination of the variable 'y'.

The co-effecient of y in Equation (2) is 6. To make it 18 like it is in Equation (1), we multiply throughout by 3.

Therefore, Equation (2) becomes:

Now, we add Equation (a) and Equation (b).

Factor: 3

Equation: 27x = 126


If all four sides of a quadrilateral measure the same length, and one corner angle measures 90 degrees, Circle that shape the quadrilateral can be classified as. A. Rhombus
B. Rectangle
C. Square
D. Parallelogram
E. All of these


Its gonna be all the above because they all have 90 degree angles
Square, since the square is the only quadrilateral that fits that description.


TWENTY!! POINTS!!! 7+4(s-2t) simplify the expression


Step  1  :

7 +  4 • (s - 2t)

Step  2  :

Final result :

4s - 8t + 7


7 + 4s - 8t

Step-by-step explanation:

How? well just expand the equation.

Which is -  4(s - 2t):   4s- 8t

If you follow these steps and or expand the equation you should get the answer which is 7 + 4s - 8t

Hope this helps

Have a nice day!

(also i just noticed it is the other answer of the person who got brainliest it is the same answer but just inverted it still works the same)

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