which of the following does not describe the patterns of rococo artwokr? A)jagged B)delicate C)curvy D)complex


Answer 1

The correct statement is that the "Jagged" is not a distinctive characteristic of the Rococo artwork. So, the correct option that matches the quoted statement is A.

The rococo artwork is a mixture of the usage of soft colors by the implication of curvy materialistic lines and is also considered to be a youth centric artwork.

Rococo art

  • Rococo art is a use of delicate things to create soft and curvy materialistic lines to create a beautiful design, which is by the repeating use of such drawings.

  • The rococo art is considered to be a unique art where there is a usage of small and delicate materials to create a rather complex structure or appearance.

  • The rococo art is generally considered to be an art which is youth centric and attracts the youth audience due to its complexity and beautiful in carvings throughout the design.

Hence, the correct option is A that the rococo art work is not characterized by being a "jagged" art.

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Answer 2

jagged is the answer

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Focusing on the pets eyes would best help to get a great photo because you are making it your main subject in the photo. Think of it this way: when you take a photograph of a friend, a family member, or your boo-thing, you always want them to look at the camera, right? Same goes for when taking pictures of tamed and domesticated animals. Obviously, this does not apply for wild animals, because you'd rather not make eye contact with a grizzly bear. Having someone else with you will only distract the pet and give it a better reason to run up to you. Having the landscape setting on is great, but you not only want the best quality, but the best looking picture to show off your pet. Making sure the flash is on is not such a hot idea because an animal my be frightened from the sudden flash from your camera. You best bet is to take the picture during the day when it's bright and sunny. This crosses out options A, C, and D, leaving you with your only choice, option B.

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Polykleitos was a cool guy, met him once

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Evaluation in which Step of critical analysis process would you express your opinun

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