What does someone need to do before they can become certified, licensed, or registered? A work at an internship

B ask for letters for recommendation

C open a private medical practice

D complete a full academic program


Answer 1
Answer: D, you need to receive education for it
Answer 2

school or expirence and the knowledge to do it and th ejob right

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Pratt, an owner of an appliance store, has a garage sale at his home where he sells old furniture and books. He sells a set of books to his neighbor, Stacey. Pratt is considered a merchant under Article 2 of the UCC in selling the books to Stacey. A) True
B) False






Assume the economy is in recession. identify how fiscal policy could be used to close the recessionary gap. how does that compare to monetary policy


Fiscal policy to close a recessionary gap typically includes stimulus plans, which increase government spending to facilitate the flow of capital into the economy. Another method is tax cuts to make more money available for business investment and consumer spending. Monetary policy deals with setting interest rates and total money supply, and is usually implemented by central banks.

In a survey of first graders, their mean height was 49.9 inches with a standard deviation of 3.15 inches. Assuming the heights are normally distributed, what height represents the first quartile of these students? a. 46.75 inchesb. 47.77 inchesc. 52.02 inchesd. 43.60 inches



The answer is (b) 47.77 inches


The first quartile is the 25th percentile, which is where 25% of the data falls. Since the data is normally distributed, we will use the formula

First step is to look up the z-value of 25% = 0.25 in the standard normal table. z-value of 0.25 ≈ -0.67.

Therefore, the height that represent the first quartile is given as .


Brand "DEF"Brand "XYZ"FY2019 Income StatementFY2019 Income Statement Revenue: $1,210,000.00$1,100,000.00No. of units sold/yr.: 2,500 4,000Variable costs: $800,000.00 $400,000.00 Contribution: $410,000.00 $700,000.00a) Calculate the contribution margin for each of the 2 brands. Outline your reasoning. (4 points)



Instructions are listed below.


Giving the following information:

Brand "DEF"

Revenue= 1,210,000

Variable costs= 800,000

Contribution= 410,000

Brand "XYZ"

Revenue= 1,100,000.00

Variable costs= 400,000.00

Contribution= 700,000.00

The information already provides with the contribution margin per brand. I will calculate the contribution margin per unit, assuming that is what it is asked for:

Contribution margin per unit= total contribution margin/ number of units

Brand "DEF":

CMu= 410,000/2,500= $164 per unit

Brand "XYZ":

CMu= 400,000/4,000= $100 per unit

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