Having a counterclaim is an argumentative essay allows the author of the essay to A. provide background information
B. support his or her claim with evidence
C. state his or her opinion on the topic
D. address any opposition to his or her claim.


Answer 1


D). Address any opposition to his or her claim.


A counterclaim is described as the claims that primarily function to negate or oppose the central claim of the author.

As per the question, a counterclaim is included in an argumentative essay or any other essay to 'address any opposition to his or her claim.' An argumentative essay presents both the viewpoints of an issue and therefore, it includes the counterclaims in order to present and acknowledge another side of the argument. However, these counterclaims are further negated by the author through sufficient evidence that grounds the validity of the central claim. Thus, the counterclaims help the author in presenting the argument objectively(by rebutting the opposing claims) that establishing the credibility.

Answer 2

D. address any opposition to his or her claim

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The answer is c because this was in the passage I justbknow it

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