Jane is not married and has no children.She is 35 and owns her own home. Under which status is she most likely to file


Answer 1

Jane will file under as single/ not married or she can do single home owner she can't claim any children because she has no children and her tax return will be low.

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Julie mastered the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. She recently developed more self-control and is very motivated to do well in school. Julie is most likely on what developmental period?



Middle childhood


Middle childhood: In an individual's life the middle childhood period generally starts from the age of six years and lasts through twelve years of age. It is considered as the time in which a child develops foundational skills to build social relationships.

Physical development:

1. Changes in weight and height.

2. Uneven development in skills, for example, strength, agility, flexibility, and balance.

Emotional development: Cognitive abilities, social cognition, temperament, self-esteem, and moral development.

In the given statement, Julie is most likely in the middle childhood period of development.


Which colony had settlers from the West Indies


South Carolina had settlers from the West Indies.
South Carolina is the colony had from the West Indies

Albert bandura's social-cognitive perspective highlights the importance of: question 8 options: a.self-actualization.
b.reciprocal determinism. association.
d.factor analysis.


Albert Bandura's social-cognitive perspective emphasizes the importance of reciprocal determinism, which is the interaction between a person's behavior, environment, and personal factors in shaping their thoughts and actions. The correct option is B.

What is the Social Cognitive Theory of Albert Bandura?

Self-beliefs have a crucial role in human cognition, motivation, and conduct, according to Bandura's social cognitive theory of human functioning. According to social cognitive theory, people have a self-system that allows them to have some degree of control over their ideas, feelings, and behavior.

Bandura believed that individuals are not simply passive recipients of environmental influences, but actively shape and are shaped by their environment. He also stressed the importance of observational learning and the role of cognitive processes in behavior, such as self-efficacy beliefs and outcome expectations.

Bandura's perspective highlights the complexity and dynamic nature of human behavior and the importance of understanding the interplay between different factors in shaping behavior.

Thus, the ideal selection is option B.

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The answer is B. reciprocal determinism 
Reciprocal determinism shows that an individual's behavior is both influenced by the social world and personal factors. This is the approach used in Bandura's social-cognitive theory.
Self actualization is associated with Abraham Maslow. It is the highest form of human need based on his "Hierarchy of Needs".
Free association is a technique developed by Sigmund Freud.
Factor Analysis is a statistical method of testing and has nothing to do with social cognitive theory. This is more useful to researchers and mathematicians. 

The most likely reason why Napoleon could be classified as an enlightened monarch was because


The most likely reason why Napoleon could be classified as an enlightened monarch was because he restored the power of several of his political rivals. 
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