Three other application of Bernoulli's principle ?


Answer 1
Answer: Answer:

Bernoulli's Theorem in a general sense relates the weight, speed, and rise in a moving fluid (liquid or gas), the compressibility and consistency (internal grinding) of which are insignificant and the flood of which is predictable, or laminar.

(1): We can discover the speed of Efflux of a fluid.

This is given by v= sqrt (2gh), where the fluid is turning out from an opening in a vessel at profundity h from free fluid surface. This condition is known as Torricelli's hypothesis.

(2): Vena Contracta: The fluid stream from gap contracts at a separation minimal outside the opening to a neck, called Vena Contracta.

The territory of cross-segment of a fly is littler than a zone of opening. From this reality, we can discover the coefficient of withdrawal.

(3) : Bernoulli's standard is utilized in the development of Venturimeter, an instrument for estimation of measure of a stream of a fluid through a pipe.

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A BaSO4 slurry is ingested before the gastrointestinal tract is x-rayed because it is opaque to x-rays and defines the contours of the tract. Ba2+ ion is toxic, but the compound is nearly insoluble. If ΔG o at 37°C (body temperature) is 59.1 kJ/mol for the process BaSO4(s) ⇌ Ba2+(aq) + SO42−(aq) what is the [Ba2+] in the intestinal tract? (Assume that the only source of SO42− is the ingested slurry.)



The given reaction equation is as follows.


The value of = 59.1 kJ/mol

We know that ,



                       = -(\frac{59.1 kJ/mol}{(8.314 \times 10^{-3} kJ/mol.K \times 310 K))}[/tex]  

            = -22.93







Therefore, we can conclude that the value of in the intestinal tract is .


Which of the following is NOT one of the major organic molecules in the body? a. lipids
b. carbohydrates
all are major organic molecules
Please select the best answer from the choices provided



carbohydrates are simple sugar



Why is chemistry important?


To study chemistry is to know the structures of bonds and the study of matter. When we study this, we learn about the pure substances and elements that are found on earth. The chemical equations are also important because it improves our math skills. 


Science chemistry is fundamental for meeting our essential requirements of food, clothing, cover, wellbeing, energy, and clean air, water, and soil. Synthetic advancements improve our personal satisfaction in various ways by giving new answers for issues in wellbeing, materials, and energy use.

Here are probably the best motivations to concentrate on science.

Science chemistry assists you with grasping your general surroundings. ...

Fundamental information on science assists you with perusing and comprehend item names.

Science can assist you with pursuing informed choices. ...

Science chemistry is at the core of cooking. ...

An order of science chemistry  can assist with guarding you!


Science chemistry is fundamental for meeting our essential requirements of food, clothing, cover, wellbeing, energy, and clean air, water, and soil. Substance advances improve our personal satisfaction in various ways by giving new answers for issues in wellbeing, materials, and energy utilization.

Instances of Science chemistry in Regular day to day existence

Discolouration of Leaves

Food Processing

Normal Salt

Ice Drifting on Water

Creation of Tears While Slashing Onions




Baking Pop

Food Additives



Science chemistry will assist us with tackling numerous future issues, including practical energy and food creation, dealing with our current circumstance, giving safe drinking water and advancing human and natural wellbeing.

Viewed as the focal science chemistry , Science chemistry includes the investigation of how various substances change tones, shape, size and structures when responded with one more material or a bunch of substances. Besides, the utilization of different Parts of Science across various fields has prompted numerous disclosures and very good quality advancements which has helped humanity in either way. Understanding Science in day to day existence is significant in light of the fact that:

The food we eat, the beauty care products we use or the medications we take, these go through substance responses.

It can assist you with settling on choices connected with a great many things like watering plants in view of seasons, setting the temperature to prepare a cake, picking the right medication for causticity, applying a specific SPF sunscreen, and so on.

It assists you with understanding which component your body needs more. For example, some might require Vitamin D more than others


Various members of a class of compounds, alkenes, react with hydrogen to produce a corresponding alkane. Termed hydrogenation, this type of reaction is used to produce products such as margarine. A typical hydrogenation reaction is C10H20() + H2(g) → C10H22(5) Decene Decane How much decane can be produced in a reaction of excess decene with 2.45 g hydrogen? Give your answer in scientific notation. O *10 g decane


Answer: The mass of decane produced is


To calculate the number of moles, we use the equation:  


Mass of hydrogen gas = 2.45 g

Molar mass of hydrogen gas = 2 g/mol

Putting values in equation 1:, we get:

The chemical equation for the hydrogenation of decene follows:

As, decene is present in excess. So, it is considered as an excess reagent.

Thus, hydrogen gas is a limiting reagent because it limits the formation of products.

By Stoichiometry of the reaction:

1 mole of hydrogen gas produces 1 mole of decane.

So, 1.225 moles of hydrogen gas will produce = of decane

Now, calculating the mass of decane by using equation 1, we get:

Moles of decane = 1.225 mol

Molar mass of decane = 142.30 g/mol

Putting values in equation 1, we get:

Hence, the mass of decane produced is

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