How did the northern strategy compare to the southern strategy in the battle of fort Sumter?


Answer 1

The Battle of Fort Sumter was a bombing carried out between April 12 and 13, 1861, by the army of the Confederate States of America with the intention of expelling the federal troops that occupied the fortification of Fort Sumter, located at the entrance to the bay of Charleston in South Carolina.

Since three months before, Confederate troops were stationed around Fort Sumter preparing for a possible defense of Charleston Bay against an assault by the federal fleet or to carry out a possible attack on the fort.

On April 12, 1861, at 3:20 h. In the morning, the Confederates informed Anderson that an hour later they would open fire on the fort. Anderson rejected Beauregard's petition for capitulation, although he told the Southern messenger that hunger would in any case lead to surrender in a few days if they were not supplied. At 4:30 h. a cannon shot from Fort Johnson on Fort Sumter indicated the beginning of the battle and began the shelling of 43 cannons and howitzers, located at Fort Johnson, Fort Moultrie and Commings Point. Anderson did not reply until after seven o'clock in the morning, time when Captain Abner Doubleday fired on the Confederate battery of Commings Point.

In addition, with a shortage of soldiers, the federal troops only used the guns of the lower levels of Fort Sumter, having very few opportunities to reach the batteries of the forts that controlled the South Carolina militia. Because the United States flag was repeatedly knocked down, the Confederate troops checked regularly to see if the feds had surrendered. The capitulation was not accepted by the federals until 34 hours after the beginning of the bombing. On April 14, the Confederate flag was hoisted in Fort Sumter.

Answer 2

The correct answer to this open question is the following.

The northerner strategy of the Union's Army was to attack Fort Sumter until they could recapture the fort. On the other hand, the strategy of the Confederated Army was to defend and resist by all means, the attacks of the Union. The Confederates occupied Fort Sumter for four years.

Fort Sumter was located on Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. It was the place were the American Civil War started.

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