Sort notes into a logical set of headings. For example, you may have notes about "First Symptoms," "Hospital Stays," and "Treatments Attempted." Once your notes are sorted logically, prepare them as full sentences and paragraphs, that is, not notation.
reflect that the story was read;
reflect attention to medical detail; and
are grammatically correct, with full sentences and paragraphs, sorted by subject matter.
Book- Alex, The life of a Child
By-Frank Deford
If you know anything on this book please help It will be very appericated


Answer 1

Hello there!

Alex: The life of a child is a book written by the American sportswriter and novelist Frank Deford in 1983. He used to write more for sports magazines but this book is a story mainly personal and intimate because it tells the story of her lovely daughter, Alexandra.

In January of 1980, Alexandra Deford died to losing the battle against cystic fibrosis, illness which causes a bad infection that damaged the lungs and respiratory tracts. Three years later after her death, Deford published this intimated memoir with a journal writing style to tell the story of her daughter, not only her battle against the illness but everything about her.

His truthfulness creates an opportunity for the target audience not only to learn what the disease is but to experience this harsh experience through his own experience. Deford exposes every part of her story in this book, including the illness of Alex, how this affected his marriage caused by their own individual guilt and resentment against his wife.

This book is a tribute to her beautiful daughter, to the greatest warrior she knew.

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