While growing up in the same home as Jesus, James had what "evidence" to suggest that Jesus was the Christ? the story of Jesus' unusual birth
His perfect obedience to his parents
His miracles as a young child
His relationship with God the Father


Answer 1

Letter A is correct.

Even though Jesus was very obedient to his parents, that would not be a strong enough evidence for James to believe that He was the Christ. Also, Jesus did NOT perform miracles when he was a young child. In fact, the bible says his first miracle happened at a wedding (where he was already a grown man) and transformed water into wine. As a matter of fact, Jesus' relationship with God was a good indicator that He was the Christ. However, the story of Jesus' unusual birth was the strongest evidence and confirmed the prophecies and scriptures that had already been written in the Old Testament.  

Answer 2


the answer is A, B,and D.


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Describe how Rome contributed to the development of world languages


Greek and roman are root words in many lang because... the Romans adopted Christianity and had a large empire, a lot of Christians had to learn roman if there area was taken over 

Which constitutional amendment guarantees citizenship to all former slaves in the United States? a. 12th
b. 13th
c. 14th
d. 15th


D 14th amendment

the 13th abolished slavery
the 15th gave black male citizens right to vote 
the 12th gave procedure for electing vice president and president
c. 14th
♥ The 13th abolished slavery
♥ The 15th gave African American citizens right to vote.
♥ The 12th allowed electing vice president and president.

Ben bowled 131 and 219 in his first two games. What must he bowl in his third game to have an average of at least 160​? Need help now


He must bowl in his third game 130. 131+219+130=480/3= 160

Would you chose Hamilton or Jackson, why?


Note there is no context to compare the two and during the time these two men were alive, they were in different roles.


Alexander Hamilton is the inventor of the United States of America, and the Constitutional Republic therein. It is his legacy that created the wealth that would bring America to be strong, independent, and the most prosperous country in the world. To look at any one part of the United States, it would be hard to see Hamilton's work. That wood be like trying to tell the wood from the trees, because the United States of America is Hamilton's work.

Before Hamilton took office as President, the United States, historically speaking, thought themselves as statesmen more than countrymen. They would first think of themselves as Vermonters, Virginians, Marylanders, Tennessean , Pennsylvanians, and so on. But after the events of Fort McHenry, and New Orleans, Hamilton united the country as Americans.


Andrew Jackson is know as the man with the attitude to bring men together with bonds stronger than forged steel. Thought the War of 1812, he defended the city of New Orleans from a potent enemy, with little consequences suffered. His actions during the war showed that the Unity of American, despite the force being the most diverse battle in American history, likely in world history, second following the Alamo, was superior to the British, and their uniformity, and their firepower.

At the Battle of New Orleans, Jackson gathered a large portion of his force by recruiting people to volunteer from the town it's self. Of all walks of life, many were sharpshooters whom would be potent in the fight. Some had little training at all. Some didn't speak English, there were pirates, natives, negroids, fisherman, farmers but, as different as they were, they were all Americans. With this force, Jackson preserved the Nation, against all odds, and routed the British force victoriously.

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