5 months ago my sister wanted a pair of boots it was $234, now during christmas they are $150, how much was the change in percent?


Answer 1

It would be 24% Have a good day.

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100 POINTS Type the word in that best fits the sentence. Then write a sentence for the other word

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The man screamed when he saw the (robust OR grim) expression on the monsters face

2. I always (accelerate OR wince)when I hear the earsplitting sound of fingernails on chalkboard

3. The library called to (notify OR perceive) you that you have an overdue book

4. I stubbed my toe this morning and it still (abates OR throbs)



1. Grim. The sentence for robust I came up with is: The robust man was able to lift the tree limb off of the woman’s leg.

2. Wince. The sentence for accelerate I came up with is: The vehicle’s speed began to accelerate when the woman realizes she would be late for her meeting.

3. Notify. The sentence for perceive I came up with is: The man began to perceive that his daughter had died.

4. Throbs. The sentence I came up with for abates is The disease became abates when they found a cure.

1a: grim

1b: The Caplans are a robust, healthy lot. Or A man drank some robust wine.

2a:  wince

2b: a Formula One car is superior to an Indy car in its acceleration

3a: notify

3b: his mouth fell open as he perceived the truth

4a: throbs

4b: nothing abated his crusading zeal


Why does the government keep secrets from us


For we don't go crazy

In "cruel tribute" which characters actions most advance the development of the plot ? -Ariadne -King Minos -the Minotaur -Theseus


The correct answer is this one: "the Minotaur." In “Cruel Tribute,” the character’s actions most advance the development of the plot includes of being a "cruel." Cruelty is an attitude that is not an advantage for you part and as well as on the part of other people. It won't create a harmonious society.





In the moment that montag first sees clarisse, what is the main color that Bradbury wants us to associate with this girl ? what, symbolically, is significant about this color choice ?


In the moment that Montag first sees Clarisse, the color that Bradbury wants to associate the girl with is white.

Her dress was white; her face was white as milk.

And symbolically the color white is associated with purity and chastity, it also represents the innocence.

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