What is the dimension of magnetic flux


Answer 1
Answer: F=qvBsinθF=qvBsin⁡θ

Hence Magnetic flux = BA
Answer 2

The unit of magnetic flux is 1 Weber (Wb).

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A student launches a small 0.5 kg rocket with an initial speed of 30 m/s at an angle of 60°. Approximately how much time will the rocket spend in the air? Air resistance is negligible.




The high reached by a proyectile in an uniformly accelerated motion is given by:

The time that the rocket spends in the air is obtained for y = 0, since this is the time that the rocket travels before touching the ground. Recall that . Solving for t:


As a small bullet leaves a gun, a net force is applied to shoot it through a barrel. If the bullet has a mass of 34.67 grams and leaves the barrel at a speed of 249.7 m/s. If the barrel of the gun is only 13 cm, what force is applied to the bullet as it leaves the gun?



F = 333.1 N


Force: This is defined as the product of mass of a body and its acceleration. The S.I unit of force is Newton (N).

From Newton's equation of motion.

v² = u² + 2as............. Equation 1

Where v = final velocity of the bullet, u = initial velocity of the bullet, s = length of the gun, a = acceleration of the bullet

Making a the subject of formula in the equation above

a = (v² - u²)/2s................. Equation 2

Given: v = 249.7 m/s, u = 0 m/s ( The bullet was at rest before the gun was shot), s = 13 cm = (13/100) m = 0.13 m.

Substituting these values into equation 2

a = (2497.7-0)/(2×0.13)

a = 2497.7/0.26

a = 9606.54 m/s²

Force = Mass × acceleration

F = M a................ Equation 3

Where M = mass of the bullet, F = force applied to the bullet

Given: m = 34.67 g = (34.67/1000) = 0.03467 kg, a = 9606.54 m/s²

Substituting these values into Equation 3

F = 0.03467 × 9606.54

F = 333.1 N


Joaquin mows the lawn at his grandmother’s home during the summer months. Joaquin measured the distance across his grandmother’s lawn as 11.5 meters.
a. If Joaquin mows one length across the lawn from east to west in 7.10 seconds, then what is the velocity
of the lawnmower?
b. Once he reaches the edge of the lawn, Joaquin turns the lawnmower around. He mows in the opposite
direction but maintains the same speed. What is the velocity of the lawnmower?

Show your work!


Velocity is define as how fast an object is moving, and in what direction, it is a vector quantity, meaning velocity has both magnitude and direction. Anything goes to the left is negative, and anything goes to the right is positive.

a. Direction from east to west, given distance 11.5 meters, and time of 7.10 s

V = displacement/time  V = -11.5/7.10 S  V = -1.62 m/s  (going left)

b. Joaquin reaches his original position. Displacement is now zero.

    Velocity of the lawnmower is equal to "zero" but if we calculate for the average speed of the lawn, you just have to add the distance covered and the time it take to go back at the original position or point of origin

Use the words claim, evidence, reasoning to answer the following question: How does my favorite tv show get to my living room?


Well first a person makes a claim that a certain idea might make a great show. They get a control group together to test this theory and gather evidence that shows that people are interested. then the claimer uses reasoning to persuade potential directors and producers.

hope this helps you out!!:)))

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