A theme of Anna’s Secret Wish is Students should use their imagination more often

Most people paint their homes to reflect their personalities

Artists should specialize in either charcoal or oil

People see the world differently

Restate the theme you selected in the previous question. Support that theme with two details from Anna’s Secret Wish


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Answer 1

The theme of Anna’s Secret Wish is that people see the world differently. Taken from the text “Anna’s Secret Wish” by Joan Lowery Nixon and Eileen Nixon McGowan, the reader can understand that the text is about every person having a different view of the world. There are two instances (details) in the text that can support this idea. First, when Anna and Olivia discuss their different points of view regarding oil paintings. Anna argues that she would like to use color and the oil paints instead of charcoal; however, Olivia does not like the idea of using oil paintings, since charcoal allows her to erase something if she makes a mistake. Second, towards the end, Anna says "I'll never have a charcoal life. Mama sees the world in colors too!". With this statement, Anna explains that she and her mother see the world in a particular way, in this case in color. Therefore, she implicitly states that there are different ways of seeing or perceiving the world.

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HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a reliable source?

Question 1 options:



over 20k views



Over 20k views is not a characteristic of a reliable source,
It doesn't matter how many views the source has. It does depend on accuracy and being current.

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When a poet wishes to use figurative language, he or she will use words that are A. both connotative and denotative.
B. ambiguous.
C. only denotative.
D. only connotative.


The correct answer is A. both connotative and denotative.

There will be a lot of words where the denotative meaning should actually be ignored and the connotative observed, but that does not mean that both are not present.

The correct answer is A. both connotative and denotative.

when one is in love, one has tendency to be biased. name an incident when you did something in the name of love




Love is a profound and caring affection towards someone and the feeling that makes us forget the world and do the chores that we never wanted to and many more. It is not exactly the love but we're over-obsessed with the fanciful idea of love which provides us an escape from reality. When we are in love, we try to do the things as our lover or beloved wishes to, and thus, our decision-making skills transfer temporarily to him or her. So, in an attempt to keep them happy, sometimes we become biased and consequently our decisions too. For instance, one of my classmates stood first in the class whom my beloved didn't like at all and she was very jealous. She asked me to help her in using unfair means in the test next time to beat him and I did that, even though i am one of the most diligent students of the class. That's how love is.

In the name of love, I ignored the manipulation I was put through. I was too biased to see what she was truly doing to me, thinking that she loved me as I loved her.
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