HELP ME FAST I NEED HELP The histories of Kush and Egypt are intertwined with each other because they were reliant on each other. How did their interdependence work, and why did each take control of the other in turn?


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The Egyptian people built the kingdom of Kush after colonizing Nubia in the 4th millennium BC. The capital city of Kush ,named Kerma,  was an important trading centre to the  North from southern regions of  Africa.

Between 1700 and 1500 BC Kush experienced a great development culturally and in wealth . During this time the Hyksos were in power in Egypt and they allowed Kush to flower culturally and economically. But the Egyptian Pharaohs  eventually threw out the Hyksos , formed another kingdom, and colonized  Kush again.  

Around 1000 BC Kush rose again in power and conquered Nubia, which had very rich gold mines and they regained their independence from Egypt. They expanded their territory and assumed the culture , the royal titles, architecture and art of Egypt. Later, they even invaded Egypt and conquered it and ruled it as an Egyptian dynasty, but this came to an end when the Assyrians invaded Egypt in the 7th century BC.

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B. because the government is a great example because there are 3 branches and they all have different jobs

(B)division of political power among branches of government is the right answer

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