What city state rose to power after the death of Sargon I


Answer 1

The Sumerian city-state of Ur, rose to power after the death of Sargon I.

Sargon is recognized as the first ruler of the very first Empire in history. Up until his death, all sumerian city-states were part of his kingdom. After that they became independent, and sumerian culture was revived by a dynasty based at the city of Ur, who brought it to its highest peak.

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What kind of bills have to start in the House of Representatives. A.) healthcare B.) education C.) declarations of war D.) Tax


All bills for raising revenue start in the house of representatives.

So D: taxes is the answer
Answer is Tax, hope it helps

Franklin d Roosevelt new deal economic policies reversed which early polictical response to the great depression


Answer: Roosevelt's economic reforms sought to cope with the financial crisis.


The economic reform package known as the New Deal was supposed to be a concrete move by the Roosevelt administration in the face of the financial crisis. His predecessor Hoover had a hard time coping with the crisis. Roosevelt's first move was to remedy the problems in the banking sector.

Citizens' savings may have failed if Roosevelt did not audit the banking sector. He initiated general employment through national renewal programs. It has employed millions of Americans on infrastructure reconstruction, afforestation, and redevelopment. An industry rebuilding program entailed falling prices and facilitating employment. The law sets the minimum wage and provided for certain trade benefits.


Select all that apply. The force of gravity:
changes slightly with location on the earth
decreases with height above sea level
is unaffected by altitude



The correct selection of choices to answer to the question: The force of gravity:___, would be:

1. Changes slightly with location on the Earth

2. Decreases with height above sea level


Gravity is given by the attractive force that exerts the Earth on other bodies. Usually, we think of gravity as a constant, and in general, we would be right, but the truth is that gravity will be affected by certain factors, particularly on how much force it can exert on a specific object, or body. Thus, the further a body goes away from the center of gravity, the lesser that gravity exerts its power over it. However, the force of gravity will always be present, unless the body distances itself by quite a few million years from the Earth. In essence, gravity will change with location, because the force will decrease as the body gets away from the center of the force and also it will decrease with height above see level, as we ascend away from the very center of Earth, where the strongest force lies.

The correct answers are:

-changes slightly with location on the earth.

-decreases with height above sea level.

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The government of Euroland is considering increasing government spending to avoid a recession. What is the most likely effect on aggregate demand in Euroland?


The effect on the aggregate demand (AD) in Euroland is there will be a rightward shift in the AD curve.


Recession means decrease in economy and countries wealth. Aggregate demand (AD) is the total amount of products and services purchased by the consumers in specific period. The AD is changed to alter the relationship with aggregate supply (AS), and this change in AD is called a "shift."

Automatic stabilizers will shift the aggregate demand curve to the right, increasing real output during recession. The government of Euroland decided to increase the government spending to avoid recession. The effect on the aggregate demand (AD) in Euroland is there will be a rightward shift in the AD curve.

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