4²+7²+...+(3n+1)²=S, what is S?


Answer 1

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"You rent four movies and return them a day late. The regular rental fee is xdollars per movie. You are charged a total of (4x+8) dollars. a. Factor the expression using the cake method (GCF).(4x+8) = __________ Don't put spaces when you type your answer. b. The fee for returning a movie 1 day late is $__________"



Step-by-step explanation:

Let's call the amount of dollars per movie.

The following expression represents charges in dollars:

If we use the cake method, it would be like the following:

    | 4    8

2  | 2    4

2  | 1     2

So, the Greatest Common Factor is 2 times 2, which is 4. GCF = 4.

a. The factored expression would be:

Notice that the charge per movie is $(x+2), because the factor 4 represents the total number of movies.

Therefore, in this case, the fee per movie is x + 2. (b).


a. 4(x + 2)

b. $2.00

Step-by-step explanation:

The 'cake method' is another method that can be used to find greatest common factor (GCF) and least common multiple (LCM).  In this method, you form an 'upside down layered cake' to factor your numbers:

Start with your two numbers:      4    8  

Look at what two factors you can multiply to find those numbers and put the common number on the outside and the other number down below:

 2 I  4   8  I

  2 I 2   4 I

   1 I 1  2 I  

Now, multiply the numbers on the left side of the cake (2 x 2 x 1), GCF = 4.

With the GCF  = 4, put this number outside the parenthesis and factor: 4(x + 2).  Since 'x' represents the cost of one movie rental, then the fee for returning a movie 1 day late is $2.00.


BRAINLIEST!! Find the mean of the data set. If necessary, round to the nearest tenth. 18, 14, 8, 22, 25, 8 A. 15.8

B. 14.8

C. 16.1

D. 17.3



The answer is A.

Step-by-step explanation:

The reason is because you add all of then and then divide it by how many number there is 18+14+8+22+25+8= 95

then you divide by 6 which is 15.833333 rounded to the nearest tenth is 15.8


Show how you can solve the equation 3x=9 by multiplying each side by the reciprocal of 3.


The final value of x for the equation is 3

What are linear equations?

Linear equations help in representing the relationship between variables such as x, y, and z, and are expressed in exponents of one degree. In these linear equations, we use algebra, starting from the basics such as the addition and subtraction of algebraic expressions.

Given here: The equation as 3x=9

Now multiplying both sides by 1/3 we get



Hence, The final value of x for the equation is 3

Learn more about linear equations here:


The reciprocal of 3 is just . So you would have ×3x=9 and you'd get x=3

. Curt is installing a picket fence around his garden which is 45.45 ft by 14.63 ft. When he gets to the hardware store he finds that each picket fence slat is two feet wide. If Curt does not want any spaces between each slat, use estimation to determine how many slats of fencing he should buy.


The fence must have two sides of length 45.45 ft and two sides of length 14.63

To cover each of 45.45 ft long side, he will need 45.45 /  2 = 22.7 slats which approximates to 23. So, they are 2 * 23 = 46 slats.

To cover each of 14.63 ft sides, he will need 14.63 / 2 = 7.3 which approximates to 8 (to not leave any spaces between each slat). So, they are 2 * 8 = 16 slats.

That makes 46 + 16 = 62 slats.

Answer: around 62 slats.
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HELP PLEASE ASAP!! 1. Erika was not among those who disliked Mr. Kelp. As point guard, she was the best passer on the team. She was also the only one not worried about passing science. Her B in Mr. Kelp's class was her lowest letter grade overall. Still, she appreciated how he challenged the class. He didn't let students skate by with minimum effort. Erika considered his class to be good preparation for college. She made plans to meet Mr. Kelp before school. She wanted to ask if he would hold a special study session to help the team prepare for the exam. Her teammates were not fond of the idea. According to Erika, her teammates did not see the point in a study session. They insisted that there was not enough time to learn everything. They were going to fail and get kicked off the team. The season was going to end in embarrassment. Then, one of the teammates spoke out. Erika would not reveal which teammate it was, but she remembers the words clearly. "Our only chance is for someone to get a copy of the test so we know the answers ahead of time." The team smiled. They felt like they had been offered some hope. Erika frowned. She felt like she had been given an order. Erika tried protesting for a while, but she felt trapped. "As soon as the idea was out there, everyone jumped on it," Erika explained. "They kept telling me it would be easy. That I could save the season. That a real teammate puts the team first." Before she knew it, the team had drawn up a plan. Erika would visit Mr. Kelp's room the following morning. Someone would create a distraction down the hall. When Mr. Kelp investigated, Erika would grab a copy of the test from his desk. Erika wanted to say no, but between championships and friendships, there was too much to lose if she did. The following morning, Erika stood in Mr. Kelp's room with her hands shaking and her teeth chattering. She snatched a blank test as he stepped into the hall. What happened next is a blur—partly because it happened quickly—mostly because Erika would like to forget it ever happened at all. She was called to the office, her backpack was searched, and the test was found. By the day's end, she had apologized to a shocked Mr. Kelp. She had been removed from the team by a disappointed coach. She had been suspended by an angry principal and driven home by tearful parents. Wanting to be a good teammate, Erika never mentioned the other players. She expected them to step up and admit their involvement. She ended up taking the fall alone. Her teammates avoided her, saying they were happy the cheater was off of the team. With the exam postponed, they were treated as heroes for winning the championship without her. Erika transferred to another school, remembered as the girl who cheated to make straight A's. Today, a star athlete and college scholar, Erika blames past mistakes on no one but herself. The ball is in her hands again. This time she plans on making better decisions. In paragraph 1, which sentence explicitly reveals that Erika likes Mr. Kelp? Erika was not among those who disliked Mr. Kelp. She was also the only one not worried about passing science. Erika considered his class good preparation for college. She made plans to meet Mr. Kelp before school.