True or false a total war was a war that involved all the nations in the world


Answer 1
Answer: I think its false but I think I'm wrong
Answer 2
Answer: The answer to this question is false.

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How did paine use concepts of equality reason and nature to criticize the legitimacy of monarchical government?


Thomas Paine made it clear that it was irrational for a monarch to rule simply because those in his family had done so before him, since there was nothing inherent in a blood line that made someone a good or bad leader. 

What effect did the dispute between the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic churches in the 11th century have?



The two churches split apart permanently.


The splitting of the churches in Europe in the 11th century happened when Pope Leo IX came to Constantinople to meet the Eastern patriarch to solve the conflict of religion. Both did not agree on matters and excommunicated each other, which led to the Great Schism (split) of 1054. The Great Schism divided Christianity into two-part known as the  Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic.


The Great Schism - separation of the Orthodox and Catholic church into two churches, each promoting a different 'brand' of christianity

Political separation and tension between Eastern and Western Europe, as countries picked which church to follow

Creation of the title Ecumenical Patriarch for the head of the Orthodox church.

Raised tensions between Byzantium and Rome. 


Which activity helped Renaissance ideas spread beyond Italy to Northern Europe


I think it should be A and D! sorry if im wrong


The answers are...

1. Scholars traveled from monastery to monastery carrying Italian ideas and books with them.

2. Merchants spread the word about Italian accomplishments.

3. Invading armies took Italian artwork and ideas home.

Explanation: I took a test with this same question, so I know these are correct answers.


Choose the option below that IS NOT a key idea of the Romantic period. Imagination over reason (escapism)

Nature is a source for spiritual nourishment

Men are basically good, but corrupt by society

Society over the individual


Men are basically good, but corrupt by society

but i could be wrong i'm only in middle school

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