During a recent housing slump, the median price of homes decreased in the United States. If James bought his house for $360,000 and the value 1 year later was $253,800, compute the percent decrease in the value of the house. If necessary, round to the nearest tenth of a percent.


Answer 1

Purchase price of the house = $360,000

Price of the house after 1 year = $253,800

Percent decrease in the value of the house = * 100

⇒ Percent decrease in the value of the house = * 100

⇒ Percent decrease in the value of the house = * 100

⇒ Percent decrease in the value of the house = 29.5%

Hence, the price of the house decreased by 29.5% over an year.

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Min Jee is renovating a house. The living room is a rectangle 22 2/3 feet long and 17 1/4 feet wide. Min Jee wants to put in new flooring in the living room. The flooring is sold by the square yard for $13.59. How much flooring does she need and how much will it cost?



Find out  the  how much flooring does she need and how much will it cost .

To prove

As given

Min Jee is renovating a house.



Area of a rectangle = Length × Breadth

Put all in the formula

As 1 feet = 0.3 yard

Flooring Min Jee needs = 391 × 0.3 × 0.3

                                        = 35.19 yard²(Approx)

As given

The flooring is sold by the square yard for $13.59.


The cost of the flooring = 13.59 × 35.19

                                       = $478.23

Therefore the flooring Mic Jee needs be 35.19 yard²(Approx) and the cost of the flooring is $478.23 .

She will nee 391 square feet of flooring at $13.59: $5313.69

there were 18 boys and 12 girls playing dodge ball what percent of the players playing dodge ball were girls


Answer: Answer is 40%

Step-by-step explanation: The total number of players in the game is 30 (that is boys and girls added together becomes 18 + 12= 30) altogether which is a hundred percent. The percentage of girls playing the game is calculated as;

12/30 × 100%

=2/5 × 100%




On a scale drawing with a scale of 1/50, the height of a building is 12.6 inched. How tall is the actual building?


The actual building is 630 

The radius of a circle is three meters. What is the circle’s diameter


The diameter of a circle is the radius times 2.

Diameter = 3 x 2 = 6 meters.


6 is the answer.

3 x 2 = 6

Step-by-step explanation:

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