What is the character of ah fo in three brass pennies


Answer 1
Answer: A poor student who desires knowledge

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What ability, which was a gift from Mrs. Whatsit, does Calvin use to try to release Charles Wallace from hypnosis? A. the ability to be afraid
B. the ability to communicate
C. the ability to resist
D. the ability to believe in something


C or S I think the answer

The level of usage to be avoided is ___. A. Formal

B. Nonstandard

C. Colloquial or informal

D. Informal or general


The answer is B nonstandard

Read the passage below from “Marigolds” and answer question. Miss Lottie’s house was the most ramshackle of all our ramshackle homes. The sun and rain had long since faded its rickety frame siding from white to a sullen gray. The boards themselves seemed to remain upright not from being nailed together but rather from leaning together, like a house that a child might have constructed from cards. A brisk wind might have blown it down, and the fact that it was still standing implied a kind of enchantment that was stronger than the elements. There it stood and as far as I know is standing yet—a gray, rotting thing with no porch, no shutters, no steps, set on a cramped lot with no grass, not even any weeds—a monument to decay.

What tone is implied by the narrator’s description in the passage above?



The narrator has created a humorous tone as depicted from the provided passage taken from the story named 'Marigold'.

Option D is correct.

Who wrote Marigolds?

Marigolds was a short story written by a female author named Eugenia Collier. She was popular for her critic writing and the novel was published in the year 1969. It was a symbolical representation through use of Marigold.

  • The provided passage is created a humorous tone that means the use of expressions which creates a laughing tone or an amusing reaction on the readers. It can be indicated by using some words or instances that creates a laughter on the readers face.
  • It could be identified from the instances where the narrator used sun and rain in comparing with the frame; the boards that are leaning together without being nailed in similarity with a house of cards being formed by a child.

Therefore, the tone described in option D is correct.

Learn more about the Marigold in the related link:



The tone of the narrator's description in the passage shows that the narrator is humorous.

Name 3 adjectives with 3 syllables each


Adjective is one of the parts of speech in English which is use to describe a word in order to qualify a noun, to emphasize an object or give information about a word. The three example of adjectives that has three syllables are aggressive, courageous and determined.
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