Americans called a Constitutional Convention in 1787 to draw up a constitution and to create a stronger central government. a. True
b. False


Answer 1
Answer: True, it was stated that the Constitutional Convention was to discuss and write  the Constitution officially.

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Answer 2

The anwser to your question is TRUE :)

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Written agreements intended to be the complete and final representation of the parties' agreement are called


Integrated contract may be a written contract supposed to be the entire and final illustration of the parties' agreement. In jurisprudence, partial integration happens once a contract contains some, however not all, terms of agreement for a contract. statement section 210(2). In distinction, an entire integration may be a contract that contains all terms that the parties in agreement to. Integrated contract refers to one or additional writings constituting a final expression of 1 or additional terms of AN agreement.

What actions cause the Shang to lose the Mandate of heaven?


Famine, natural catastrophes, and overthrow were interpreted as indicators that the king had forfeited the Mandate of Heaven.

What is Mandate of Heaven?

In ancient and imperial China, the Mandate of Heaven, a school of Chinese political thought, was applied to justify the reign of the King or Emperor of China. This belief holds that a just ruler of China, the "Son of Heaven," receives the order from heaven, which represents the natural order and will of the universe. The overthrow of a monarch was seen as a sign that the ruler was worthless and had lost the mandate.

There would frequently be revolts following major disasters because the populace believed that these calamities were proof that the Mandate of Heaven had been revoked. It was also a common belief that natural disasters like famine and flood were spiritual retributions bearing signs of Heaven's dissatisfaction with the ruler.

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When asked to describe oneself, the client states, "i am a 47-year-old hispanic male, married with two children, and i work as a finance manager." what is this client demonstrating?


This client demonstrating "self-knowledge ".

Self-knowledge is a term utilized in psychology to depict the data that an individual draws upon when finding a response to the inquiry "How am I like?".  

Self-knowledge is a part of, at least oneself precisely, the self-idea. It is simply the learning and one's properties and the longing to look for such knowledge that guide the improvement of the self-idea. Self-knowledge educates us of our psychological portrayals of ourselves, which contain traits that we interestingly combine with ourselves, and theories on whether these characteristics are steady or dynamic.


True or false that when you boil water you are changing water from a liquid to a solid


I think that statement is false. Hope it helps :) 
False because its water to gas
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