What is king Darius 1 known for?


Answer 1
Answer: King of Persia and pharoah of Egypt
Answer 2
Answer: King Darius was a Persian king who was defeated by the Athenians in The Battle of Marathon (First Persian War)

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Opposition to a certain perspective can __________. a. increase funding and support from the community
b. ensure that the perspective will become obsolete
c. delay or stifle the emergence of the perspective
d. make the perspective more influential a


The right answer is C “delay or stifle the emergence of the perspective”. Opposition of the perspective can be said to be meaningful, relevant, if a perspective is wrong. On the other side, if the perspective is correct and it gets delayed because pointless opposition, then it is unfair or mistaken

C. delay or stifle the emergence of the perspective

What City in France was originally a Greek City state?





The French city of Marseille was founded in 600 BC by the Greeks of Foceia, on the Anatolian peninsula, as a commercial port.

The later development of Massalia, which would reach a significant number of inhabitants and the category of polis (city-state), turned it into a Greek port of reference in Western Europe. Later, by protection, it allied itself to the Roman Republic in its disputes with Etruscans, Celts and Carthaginians. This alliance made the Greek colony thrive thanks to its position as a trade bridge between Rome and the towns of Gaul, facilitating the exchange of manufactured goods, slaves and particularly wine, whose elaboration and cultivation in Marseilles dates back to the fourth century as evidenced by excavations on the hill of Saint-Charles, with the discovery of viticulture substrates, the oldest discovered in France. As a result of his support for the party of Pompey in his dispute with Julius Caesar, he was annexed to Rome by the latter after winning and capturing his fleet, adopting the Latin name of Massilia.

Correct answer: Marsailles

Marseilles, France was initially a Greek city-state founded in 600 BC by Ionian Greeks from Phocaea (modern Turkey) who were searching for new trading outposts. In the 5th and 6th Century they challenged and defeated Carthage thus dominating the region and established some colonies in southern Gaul. The city-state became allies with the Roman Republic against Carthage in the Second Punic war (218-201 BC) retaining its independence and commercial empire in the western Mediterranean as Rome expanded to North Africa and western Europe. The city lost its independence during the Roman siege of Massilia in 49BC during Caesar's war

Which best describes the standards by which a culture judges what is good, desirable, or beautiful?


The term that best describes the standards by which a culture judges what is good, desirable or beautiful would be values. These determine whether certain actions are right or wrong. It is the extent of importance of some action or thing aiming to determine what are the best actions or behaviors to do in a particular situation or what is the best way to live through a situation. 

What is an oligarchy?



a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.

A small group of people running or are in charge of a country or state
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