The most frequently reported side effects of anabolic steroids among women, according to one study, are


Answer 1

Women who use anabolic steroids experience side effects like having some masculine characteristics like facial hair, deep voice etc.

Women using anabolic steroids has muscular traits as side effects of the drug, some women incorporate this anabolic steroids into their fitness routines in other to reduce their body fat.

These steroids lead to unwanted reactions in the future, because even after stopping the medication, the side effects persist in most cases. some of these are depression, anxiety disorders, deeper voices as well as psychological problems.

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Answer 2
Answer: A frequently reported side effect would be more facial hair and a lowered voice

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consumers influence producers: by showing what they want through their purchasing decisions, and by (blank), and by (blank).


Consumers influence the decisions of producers by showing what they want through their purchasing decisions and through the products they demand manufacturers to make.

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What was one reason that U S. laws regarding race kept changing?​



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Thorndike is to _____ as skinner is to _______.​


Thorndike is to the law of effect as skinner is to operant conditioning. Thus the correct option is B.

Who was Skinner?

A psychotherapist, behaviorist, and social philosopher from the United States were named Frederic Skinner. The operant conditioning process and the idea of reinforcement schedules are two of his well-known theories in the world of psychology.

According to Edward Thorndike's law of effect concept, "reactions that generate a pleasing impact become more likely to occur again while responses that produce an uncomfortable consequence become less likely to occur again.

According to Skinner's operant conditioning theory, whether a subject is engaging in the desired activity or not, a specific reward or punishment must be given.

Therefore, option B is appropriate.

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The missing option are

. classical conditioning; operant conditioning

b. the law of effect; operant conditioning

c. observational learning; latent learning

d. operant conditioning; classical conditioning

Answer: E) Law of Effect; operant conditioning

The full question is as follows:

“Thorndike is to __ as Skinner is to__  A)classical conditioning; Law of Effect B)classical conditioning; operant conditioning C)operant conditioning; classical conditioning D)Law of Effect; classical conditioning E)Law of Effect; operant conditioning”

The Conditioning Theory is a behavioral process, whereby a response (reaction) becomes more frequent to a given object (stimulus) because of a   reward (reinforcement) for the response in a given situation.

Two most important of these theories are Law of Effect proposed by Edward Thorndike and operant conditioning by Burrhus Frederic Skinner.


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No Fear Tracy Wilson 1 Austin reached into his backpack to make sure that it was there. He wasn’t sure he needed his inhaler, but he was checking just in case. His chest was tight as he once again attempted a deep breath. He completely filled his lungs and exhaled smoothly. He repeated this rhythm several times, surprised at the ease at which it came. But he’d keep the inhaler in his pocket. It had been a long time since he’d had a real asthma attack, since Little League, in fact. But it was never too far from his mind, especially when he played baseball. 2 Austin loved baseball, like fish love water, but he felt his asthma had probably kept him from reaching his full athletic potential. He knew today’s practice would be tough, for tomorrow was a big game. He was right. It was rough, and Austin and several others weren’t at the top of their game today. Coach Tanner firmly patted Austin’s shoulder as they headed for the dugout. “You’ve got to stop using it as a crutch, and let it go son.” Coach said in a firm, low voice. Read the passage on the left to answer the following questions: 13) What does the author mean when she says that Austin and several others weren't at the top of their game? A) They didn't win the game. B) They suffered from asthma. C) They were all good athletes. D) They had not played their best. 14) Which of these BEST indicates the theme of the passage? A) A tough coach makes winning teams. B) Asthma can keep athletes from playing well. C) It’s always better to be safe instead of sorry. D) Fears can prevent people reaching potential. 15) “You’ve got to stop using it as a crutch, and let it go son.” Coach said in a firm, low voice. What does the word it refer to in this sentence? A) Austin's asthma inhaler B) Austin's shoulder injury C) Austin's dreams of baseball fame D) Austin's bad practice before the game 16) ‘Austin loved baseball, like fish love water, but he felt his asthma had probably kept him from reaching his full athletic potential.’ What two things are being compared in this sentence? A) Breathing in water and out of water B) Austin’s asthma to a fish out of water C) Austin’s asthma and his athletic potential D) Austin’s love for baseball and a fish’s love for water