How did the Republican Party form? The party evolved from the Democratic-Republicans.
The party formed by combining several antislavery factions.
The party combined several parties that supported strong centralized rule.
The party developed because of a disagreement about the role of government.


Answer 1

The answer is b) The party formed by combining several antislavery factions.

The Republican Party emerged in 1854 as a combined effort of several antislavery factions (the Northern Whigs, The Free-Soil Party, and The Know-Nothing movement) to oppose the Kansas – Nebraska Act (an act that allowed slave or free status to be decided by popular sovereignty on each state).  

Answer 2

Republican Party was formed by combining several antislavery factions.

Further Explanations:

Republican Party is among the leading party in the “bi-political Party system “ in the United States. The party was always a supporter of classical liberalism and laid its maximum strength in the elimination of slavery from the nation. The party was established through the unification of the faction group opposing slavery during the southern legislature reconstruction era. Most of them belonged to non- Slave holding factions who persisted to be loyal to the unification during the Civil war. Abraham Lincoln the most renowned President from the Republican president was known for banning slavery in the United States during 1865.It also endorsed capitalism, free market, nationwide defense, customary ethics, and Christian footing.

During the 19th century, the party operated to eradicate slavery and its expansion to the new zones but in the 20th century, the party got attracted to “Laissez-faire capitalism” and conservative societal dogmas and started to oppose the administrative expansion against social glitches.

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