The crisis in the roman catholic church was solved when the _______.


Answer 1
Answer: The Italian pope was given higher power.

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This Civil War general served as the first superintendent of Louisiana State University. Ulysses S. Grant
Robert E. Lee
William Sherman
Braxton Bragg


It was William Sherman. He was the person who served as the superintendent of Louisiana State University. 

Jakie uprawnienia posiada prezydent RP?


What powers has the Polish President?

The Presidential Powers include:

1) Free choice to select the Prime Minister
2) Right to initiate legislative process
3) Has the veto power to stop a bill
4) Have the Constitutional Tribunal verify if the Bill presented before him is in compliance with the constitution

As the Supreme Representative of the Polish State.
5) Can ratify and revoke international agreements
6) Nominate and recall ambassadors
7) Formally accepts State Representatives' accreditations
8) Decide on awards of highest academic titles, state distinctions and orders
9) Right of clemency; he can dismiss final court verdicts or decisions.

As the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces
10) Appoints Chief of the General Staff and commanders of all the service branches
* In times of war, the Polish President can nominate the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and can order general mobilization.

Accompanying these powers are the duties of the Polish President. Wherein the offices of Chancellary of the President, the Office of the National Security, and the Body of Advisors to the President assist the president in the performance of his duties.

Which answer shows the number of years that make up a decade and a millennium? (4 points) 10, 1000

100, 1000

100, 10,000

1, 10



option A


A decade is combination of 10 years meaning 10 years collectively make a decade.

A millennium is the combination of 1000 years meaning   1000 year collectively is called millennium.

so, the option  (10 ,1000)   is the most suitable option for the decade and millennium.

the  correct answer is option A.

A) 10 years in a decade, and 1000 years in a millenium.

Which of the following represents a major difference between the belief systems of Judaism and Islam ? a. Islam considers Muhammad a prophet, but Judaism considers Muhammad a false prophet
b. Islam considers Jesus a false prophet, but Judaism considers Jesus a prophet
c. Islam rejects sacred symbols, but Judaism embraces sacred symbols
d. Islam does not believe in an afterlife, but Judaism does believe in an afterlife


A major difference between Judaism and Islam is that Islam considers Muhammad a prophet, but Judaism considers him a false prophet. It is the same think about difference between Judaism and Christianity. Jewish believers do not accept Jesus Christ as a true prophet. They believe that God revealed his laws and 10 commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai, and that Moses is the only true prophet. Judaism is ancient monotheistic religion, and Moses is the first great prophet: he appeared many centuries before Muhammad, Christ and Buddha. 


A). Islam considers Muhammad a prophet, but Judaism considers Muhammad a false prophet.


Random Questions
No Fear Tracy Wilson 1 Austin reached into his backpack to make sure that it was there. He wasn’t sure he needed his inhaler, but he was checking just in case. His chest was tight as he once again attempted a deep breath. He completely filled his lungs and exhaled smoothly. He repeated this rhythm several times, surprised at the ease at which it came. But he’d keep the inhaler in his pocket. It had been a long time since he’d had a real asthma attack, since Little League, in fact. But it was never too far from his mind, especially when he played baseball. 2 Austin loved baseball, like fish love water, but he felt his asthma had probably kept him from reaching his full athletic potential. He knew today’s practice would be tough, for tomorrow was a big game. He was right. It was rough, and Austin and several others weren’t at the top of their game today. Coach Tanner firmly patted Austin’s shoulder as they headed for the dugout. “You’ve got to stop using it as a crutch, and let it go son.” Coach said in a firm, low voice. Read the passage on the left to answer the following questions: 13) What does the author mean when she says that Austin and several others weren't at the top of their game? A) They didn't win the game. B) They suffered from asthma. C) They were all good athletes. D) They had not played their best. 14) Which of these BEST indicates the theme of the passage? A) A tough coach makes winning teams. B) Asthma can keep athletes from playing well. C) It’s always better to be safe instead of sorry. D) Fears can prevent people reaching potential. 15) “You’ve got to stop using it as a crutch, and let it go son.” Coach said in a firm, low voice. What does the word it refer to in this sentence? A) Austin's asthma inhaler B) Austin's shoulder injury C) Austin's dreams of baseball fame D) Austin's bad practice before the game 16) ‘Austin loved baseball, like fish love water, but he felt his asthma had probably kept him from reaching his full athletic potential.’ What two things are being compared in this sentence? A) Breathing in water and out of water B) Austin’s asthma to a fish out of water C) Austin’s asthma and his athletic potential D) Austin’s love for baseball and a fish’s love for water