Which of these is a small, icy object that orbits the sun? options: asteroid comet meteoroid star


Answer 1

A tiny, stony object that orbits the Sun is called an comet. Hence option 2 is correct.

What is asteroid?

Asteroid is defined as a remains of our solar system's early development, which are stony, airless objects that date back around 4.6 billion years. There are 1,113,527 known asteroids as of right moment. Astrogeologists have estimated that 60 objects of a diameter of at least 5 km  have struck the Earth within the previous 600 million years based on rates of crater creation found on the Moon, the Earth's closest celestial neighbor.

Comets are tiny, asymmetrical entities in the solar system that are mostly made of ice and dust. They are typically a few kilometers across. They orbit the sun on extremely elliptical paths that first take them past Neptune and then get them quite near to the Sun. The Sun is orbited by planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, and comets. These things don't produce any light. They instead reflect the sunlight.

Thus, a tiny, stony object that orbits the Sun is called an comet. Hence option 2 is correct.

To learn more about asteroid, refer to the link below:


Answer 2
Answer: Comets are small icy objects that orbit the sun

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