The molarity of hydroxide ions can be found using which formula


Answer 1
Answer: I think it's - log [H3O^+]

P.S. the 3 is a lowered exponent 

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The molecular structure of water contains two end of hydrogen and one hour of oxygen. When water reaches its boiling point and turns into water vapor, what happens to it Molecular structure?


Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen bonds in liqiud state but when it is heated in order to boil, thses bonds become weak as the temperature keeps on rising,leading to breaking of bonds and changing the state of water from liquid into gaseous.



Although wave power does not produce pollution, some people may not want to invest in it because it is _____.



Prone to storm damage and limited to particular areas of the ocean



Even when the wave power is beneficent towards the environment care, it has a notable disadvantage when high energy waves are took by the energy stations by cause of electrical failures which lead to the station breakdown. On the other hand, there are hard-to-access areas in the ocean which restricts the enforcement of this type of energy.

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The correct answer for the question that is being presented above is this one: "Although wave power does not produce pollution, some people may not want to invest in it because it harms marine life and its difficult to mountain it also disturbs the route of the ships."

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was built on the research and ideas of other scientists. The Theory of Relativity proposes that the speed of light is a constant. Which of the following statements explains why this is considered to be a scientific theory?



Theory of relativity.

In the year 1905 a famous mathematician and physicist named Albert Eisenstein gave a theory which shows relation between time and motion.

yes i am talking about special theory of relativity.

actually theory of relativity is divided in two parts

1. special theory of relativity


2. general theory of relativity.

✔special theory of relativity is based on the time and motion. 

there are two frame of references.

1. inertial frame of reference


2. inertial frame of reference.

in inertial frame of reference we talk about when body is moving with constant velocity.


in non inertial frame of reference we talk about unconstant velocity.

in the special theory it is used that the time and motion are relative. 

and there is a postulate that

✳ Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light that is.

299692458m/s and universe is limited at this speed so if a object moves near the speed of light then the time slows down for that object in order to maintain that speed.


Theory of general relativity.

✔ after giving special relativity Einstein was not satisfied and wanted to know about how gravitational force can affect time.

so he gave general theory of relativity.

in this we talk about the gravitational force.

space time curvature 

fabric of cosmos and many more thing

in this Einstein showed that how gravitational force affect the time and also showed that the planets revolve around the sun because of the curve in space time

What is the following statements?


Sugars in a polysaccharide are linked together by bonds to _____. a nitrogen atom
a carbon atom
an oxygen atom
a sulfur atom



It's an oxygen atom


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