Which answer choice correctly completes the sentence? Don't worry; you will get __________ turn.
a. you're
b. yours
c. your


Answer 1
Answer: The correct answer is C) your. 
A is a contracted from of you are.
B would be correct if it wasn't followed by a noun. If it said: Don't worry about your turn - you will get yours. Then it would be okay. But since it is followed by turn, the correct answer is C.

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  With several medals in both skateboarding and snowboarding, Shaun White has one advantage over the newer, younger competitor experience.


Yes. But, however, Shaun White probably has a bit more than 1 advantage over the newbies (experience to name one).

The best answer is competitor. Competitor is a rival, one who competes. Hope this helps! And thank you for posting your question.


Why is Rip concerned when he awakens from his sleep?


B/c he didn't set an alarm jk I think it's b/c so much time has passed (doesn't he sleep through his whole life?)
R.I.P stands for Rest In Peace

Poem: Annabel Lee Which words best match the writer's tone towards the narrator and the story?

judgemental and unapologetic

sympathetic and pessimistic

critical and mean

optimistic and kind


The correct  answer is "sympathetic and pessimistic". Edgar Allan Poe classic

The correct  answer is "sympathetic and pessimistic". Edgar Allan Poe classic poem Annabel Lee is centered around how the writer deals with the lost of the love of his life. The tone of the poem is somber and dark as the protagonist never moves on with his life and even slept in the tombstone of Annabel one time.

  The words that better describe the writer's tone towards the narrator and the story are sympathetic and pessimistic.

  The narrator tells the love story between Annabel Lee and himself.

   When he narrates that the angels envied their love and took Annabel away from him, he means she was compromised in marrying a rich parent, and that was the same as death.

    In the fourth strophe, he says the angels were sad for her death, but were yet more envy of their love.

    In the fifth strophe, the narrator declares that nothing could be bigger than their love, and not even the angels sent from heaven could separate two souls that love one another.

     He narrates the way Annabel Lee was taken away from him, first being forced to get married against her will, and then from death, in a pessimistic way but even so, he feels sympathetic about the love they have, because it is greater than life or death, and nothing could separate them.

It is a romantic poem, in which the words vibrate in an impressive way, and it brings to the poem a sonority and beauty that is a characteristic of Edgar Allan Poe.


Which phrase is the best definition of the word “cosmopolitan”? a small village or town sophisticated; international in nature stubborn and unyielding to show courtesy or respect


It is B. Hope I helped.

The best answer is b
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