Which statement describes the difference between speed and velocity a. Velocity is speed with a direction.B.Velocity is speed divided by time.C.Velocity is speed multiplied by time.D.Velocity is measured in meters per second while speed is measured in meters.


Answer 1

Explanation :

Distance : The total path covered during the entire journey of any particle.

Displacement : The smallest path covered by a particle.

Speed : It is defined as the total distance covered divided by total time taken. It has only magnitude not direction.

Velocity : It is defined as the total displacement traveled by a particle divided by total time taken. It is a vector quantity. It has both magnitude and direction.

Hence, the correct option is (A) " Velocity is speed with a direction".

Answer 2
Velocity is speed plus a direction.

30 miles per hour to the north
30 miles per hour to the east

These are the same speed but different velocities.

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An elevator ascends from the ground floor to the 10th floor, a height of 41 m, in 35 s. If the mass of the elevator and passengers is 840 kg, what’s the power necessary to lift the elevator? (Your answer is greater than the actual power needed because elevators are counterweighted, thus reducing the work the motor needs to do.)



9.84 kW


we can solve this by using definitions and formulas for power & work done

work done for listing the lift with the people (W)

Here lift work against the gravity

Work done =  Force * distance

                   = mass*g*height

                   = 840 * 10 * 41              (assume g=10 ms⁻²)

                   = 344.4  kJ

Power means the rate of the work done



Mary measures how far she can run in a given period of time .She is measuring her ?



She is measuring her speed


Speed is defined as the ratio between the distance covered divided by the time taken to cover that distance:


d is the distance covered

t is the time taken

Since Mary is measuring how far she can run in a given period of time, she is measuring the distance she can travel (d) in a given time (t), so she is measuring her speed.


11. A depression in the ground due to a cave collapse or acidic water dissolution of limestone is called a A. sinkhole.
B. stalagmite.
C. stalactite.
D. cave.


It is a sinkhole so yeah..  letter A

Magnesium is a light silver metal. When it is burned in oxygen, it oxidizes in a bright white light. Magnesium oxide is a white powder. How can we be sure that burning magnesium in oxygen is a chemical reaction? A) A gas is produced.
B) Energy is absorbed.
C) There is an explosion.
D) There is color change .



D) There is color change .


Magnesium in its metallic state is a very reactive compound because it can undergo a chemical reaction called a Combustion reaction.

A combustion reaction is a chemical reaction where a compound reacts with Oxygen in the atmosphere in the presence of heat to release water and to form an Oxide compound.

Combustion reaction also known as burning is a exothermic chemical reaction which means heat energy is always released.

When Magnesium in its metallic state reacts with oxygen in a combustion reaction, a colour change is observed. A white powder called Magnesium Oxide is formed and heat is released.

D). There is a color change.
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