Smell is unique among the senses in that it will often trigger vivid _____.


Answer 1
Answer: Smell often trigger vivid memory. This is because of the anatomy of the olfactory pathway. The nasal mucosa senses odorant molecules wherein the olfactory nerve will transduce the signal to the olfactory bulb to the olfactory cortex, bypassing the thalamus (unlike other senses) Anatomically and physiologically, the olfactory cortex is closely related to the amygdala which is associated with memory formation.

Primary example is that a certain smell of a perfume of your ex-lover can trigger vivid memories even if it was many years ago.

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Compare and contrast provirus and retrovirus.


Provirus - Is is a virus that has attached itself into the DNA of a host cell, while retrovirus is a virus that becomes a provirus. It usually happens when retrovirus invades a cell. According to study while the provirus is attached in to its host, it is not active.

Which of the following best explains how introducing an invasive plant species to an ecosystem would affect the ecosystem over a long period of time?


The introduction of an invasive plant species to an ecosystem would harm the ecosystem since the plants would compete with native plants for water, sunlight, and space.

Causes of competition in an ecosystem

Competition takes place in an ecosystem when two organisms use the same resources that are limited. It is usually a survivor of the fittest in extreme cases.

Examples of competition in an ecosystem include:

  • When plants compete with each other for light exposure, temperature, humidity, pollinators, soil nutrients and growing space.

  • When microbes compete for chemical substrates, or

  • When animals fight over territory, water, food, shelter and prospective mates.

Therefore, when invasive plants are introduced into an ecosystem it would harm the ecosystem since the plants would compete with native plants for water, sunlight, and space.

Learn more about ecosystem competition here:

It could possibly harm other plants and if those plants become less and are a good source for animals, the animals would most likely die

In which part of the ocean is mixing of water most vigorous? from 2 to 3 kilometers down from 1 to 2 kilometers down very deepest portions surface?


The part of the ocean that is mixing of water most vigorous is from 2 to 3 kilometers down. Thermocline is a layer between warm water from the ocean’s surface and cool water from below the ocean. In here, the temperature decreases rapidly from the warmer layer to the colder layer.  A thermocline forms due to the heat of the sun heating the ocean’s surface. Because of the difference in density between warm and cooler ocean water, cooler ocean water sinks and warmer ocean water floats. This is caused due to the heat and mass transfer between particles of the ocean. The answer is letter C. The sun’s radiation does not extend below a certain depth; therefore, deeper ocean water is colder than surface water.

What diagnostic procedure would be used to measure the patient's hearing loss?


The diagnostic procedure used to measure the patient's hearing loss are as follows:
1. Physical examination that includes examining any earwax or inflammation due to an infection.
2. Tuning Fork Test: This test is done to detect hearing loss by strucking a tuning fork that produces sound.
3. Audiology Hearing Test: It is also known as Audiometer test. In this test the Audiologist presents a variable range of sound to detect the hearing loss.
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