Offspring of Africans and Europeans


Answer 1
Mulattoes! that should do out hope I helped!!

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In the ocean, whales compete with tunas for anchovies to eat. How would the sudden decrease in the size of the whale population affect the size of the anchovy population? A. The anchovy population would increase. B. The anchovy population would decrease. C. The anchovy population would go extinct. D. The anchovy population would stay the same.


This is A. The anchovy population would increase because it is dependant on the whale and tuna populations. if the whale population decreases, and the tuna population stays the same, there will be more anchovies due to less whales eating them. make sense?


A person under stress may have a lowered resistance to infection.
a. True
b. False


This is true. A person does have a lowered resistance to infection when under stress. 

Proper digestion requires the coordinated effort of many hormones with various effects. how do gastrin, cholecystokinin (cck), and secretin influence digestion


The hormones involved in gastric regulation are released from the stomach and the small intestine. Gastrin has a stimulatory effect on parietal cells and chief cells and is released in the presence of partially digested peptides. The intestinal hormones, cholecystokinin and secretin, have inhibitory effects on parietal cells and chief cells. In addition, cholecystokinin release requires the presence of carbohydrates and lipids.

An oxygen atom with a charge of (+2) has ______________________. a. two more protons than the neutral atom
b. two fewer protons than the neutral atom
c. two more electrons that the neutral atom
d. two fewer electrons than the neutral atom


A) as protons have a positive charge, so the two more protons cause the atom to become positive in charge
I think the answer is c because a plus 2 charge is adding 2 electrons to the element
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Will this happen in avenger 4? When one of Thanos's "children" was trying to take the Time Stone from Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange told him that there was a "simple, but powerful" curse on it. Doctor Strange must've taken the curse off to put the fake necklace on so Thanos couldn't forcefully rip it off later in their fight. I think that when he took the curse off the Stone, he had time to look back in time and tell Captain Marvel, and Nick Fury to get two of those transponders from the after-scene from Avengers Infinity War. He told Nick Fury to press the button when The Snap happened. And he told Captain Marvel to go into a part of the Quantum Realm where time was very slow so she would only have to wait a few hours or something, for years to pass. And when Captain Marvel's transponder went off she would leave the Quantum Realm, and save Ant-Man on her way out. Then she would blast off into space to save Tony Stark and Nebula, and go back to Earth. During all this, Captain America is making a plan. His plan is similar to Loki's plan when Loki attacked New York. Erik Salvig and Bruce Banner will work together to open a portal to the Space Stone. (Loki did just that. He was able to portal right into that Shield base, where the tesseract was, in the 1st Avengers movie.) Erik Salvig has had experiences with these types of things, like in a few of the Thor movies and when Loki brain-washed him so he could work with the tesseract. So if they find the space stone then they find Thanos. But they may need a powerful power source. Like how they were able to destroy the mind stone with Scarlet Witches’ powers. But Scarlet Witch is dead. So maybe when Captain Marvel gets back, she can use her powers to do something to help them. Then they can open up a portal to the Space Stone, which is where Thanos is. Then the can beat him up and take the Stones and fix everything.