Darryl makes 70,000 a year as a software engineer. Darryl rents an apartment and has an emergency savings fund for 10 months of living expenses. Darryl got a tip from a friend and invested $10,000 in a new candy company. He has no other investments. What do you think is darryls risk tolerance level: safe, moderate, or risky? Describe Darryls tolerance risk and the reason for answer


Answer 1
Answer: Safe because he makes $70000 a year. His apartment and he has emergency expenses won’t take out a lot of $. It he invests $10000, he will have extra money just in case.

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"98 percent of the 2012 graduates of the thomas jefferson school of law in san diego, california, graduated with an average of $168,800 in student debt." this is an example of a(n)


Group of answer choices:

A) rhetorical question

B) personal reference

C) startling statistic

D) anecdote


The correct answer is letter "C": startling statistic.


Introductions methods are forms research papers can start so the information provided at the beginning of the document captures the reader's attention. There are ten (10) introduction methods that include Illustrations or anecdotes, Startling facts or statistics, Quotations, Humor, Questions, References to recent events, Personal references, References to the occasion, and References to preceding speeches.

Startling statistics begins by introducing impacting percentages of numeral data over a given matter that the reader does not expect. After the introduction, the breakdown of what factors led to that situation is provided.

Answer: The Pay It Forward Plan

The Pay It Forward Plan allows students to study now and pay later  3 percent of their annual incomes for 20 years after graduation. It is a plan first enacted in Oregon, covering tuition, but not the other college-going expenses (room, board, books, and fees

The virtue of the plan is a two-way commitment: for the society to invest in their people and their future. On the other hand, for the students to recognize that they actually owe something back for that success.


As we use more and more of a product, we encounter ______________________. Question 4 options:

diminishing satisfaction

diminishing marginal utility

diminishing product trust

diminishing monetary signals


diminishing product trust


Universal Containers has three types of releases in their release management strategy: daily, minor(monthly),and major(quarterly).A user has requested a new report to support an urgent client request. What release strategy would an Architect recommend?


Answer and explanation:

The Architect is likely to recommend the daily release because the user requesting the report seems to have urgency in possessing on hand those records, thus, with daily reports the most recent information on the transactions of the user's company will be reflected.


A company has received an offer from a supplier to produce units that the company currently produces and sells. the unit price quoted by the supplier is higher than the company's variable production cost per unit but lower than the price at which the company can market the units. under which circumstance would the company's profits increase by purchasing units from the supplier? gaodun


Answer: sorry i have no clue im just trying to level up good luck on your test XD


If the company's total incremental cost of producing the number of units it wants to procure from the supplier is greater than the cost of buying from the seller, then the company will buy from the seller and increase profits.

Suppose a company produces a product 'X' that it sells at $100.

It can produce 2000 units, but it currently produces 1000 units.

It's current fixed costs are $15,000 but if production increases beyond 1000 units, its fixed costs will increase by another $10,000.

This product has a variable cost of $50 per unit.

The company receives an offer to buy its product from its supplier at $60 per unit.

The market demand for the company's product is 2000 units.

In this case, the total costs incurred by the company to produce an additional 1000 units will be:

In this case, looking only at costs, the company is indifferent between reaching full capacity and buying from the supplier.

If the total incremental cost is greater than the cost of buying from the supplier, the company will increase its profits by buying from the supplier, else it will prefer not to.

If the company is producing at full capacity, but the demand for its products is more than it can produce, then buying from the supplier will result in an increase in profits for the company, since this will help the company to take advantage of the high demand for its product.

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