During Reconstruction in the South, most white Southerners?


Answer 1
Answer: Resent the destruction of the southern economy

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How did inventions contribute to the industrial revolution


Inventions made it easier to produce goods more quickly, and in larger quantities.

(20 points) What artifact did modern scholars study to help them understand hieroglyphics? the Rosetta Stone

the Behistun Rock

the Oracle Bones

the Flood Tablet


I believe the answer is A. Rosetta stone.


What two spy cases increased fear of communism in the united states?



The two spy cases that increased fear of communism in the United States were the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss.


-Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg were a couple of Jewish Americans who were executed in 1953 after being denounced and convicted of espionage. The allegations were in connection with the transmission of information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. Their execution was the first of civilians by espionage in the history of the United States.

-Alger Hiss was an official of the Department of State. He was accused in 1948 of having been a Soviet spy. The facts being then prescribed, so he could no longer be sentenced for espionage. However, having denied at a hearing where he had sworn the reality of his espionage activities, he was guilty of perjury and was sentenced for that in 1950.

The state of hostility without direct military conflict that developed between the US and the Soviet Union after World War II. Truman doctrine. A US ... How did the United States began to send aid to nations fighting communism? Through the ... What to spy cases increased fear communism in the United States? Alger hiss case ...

Why did the European begin to explore the world


It was too cold where they lived and they needed more farm land for food. People were also spreading diseases and food had a part in that. Also it was almost like a competition. Kingdoms always want to expand.
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1. Without _____ in cells, the reactions in living things would occur too slowly or require temperatures that are too high for cells to survive. A.high concentrations of reactants B. high concentrations of products C. the presence of inhibitors D. the presence of enzymes 2. Which part of the fire triangle provides the activation energy needed to start a fire? A. heat B. flame C. oxygen D. fuel 3. How is the rate of a chemical reaction related to temperature? A. It is dependent upon the temperature. B. It is independent of the temperature. C. It is slowed by higher temperature. D. It is unrelated to temperature 4. What is a substance used to decrease the rate of a chemical reaction? A. fuel B. catalyst C. inhibitor D.enzyme 5. When two liquids are mixed in an endothermic reaction, what always happens to the temperature of the solution? A. It gets colder. B. It cools off until it freezes. C. It gets warmer. D. It heats up until it boils. 6. Why does baking bread require a constant input of heat from the oven? A. It is a chemical reaction. B. It is a physical reaction. C. It is an endothermic reaction. D. It is an exothermic reaction. What is the best form of fire safety? A. the fire department B. an extinguisher C. fire prevention D. a water hose . An exothermic reaction _____. A. does not require activation energy B. releases less energy than it uses C. takes more time than an endothermic reaction D. releases more energy than it uses What type of chemicals act as biological catalysts by speeding up reactions in living things? A. enzymes B. fuels C. inhibitors D. reactants Which describe a rapid reaction between oxygen and a fuel? A. activation B. combustion C. heat D. decomposition When you chew your food to break down the larger pieces into smaller particles, how are you helping to increase the rate of the chemical reactions in your body that breaks down your food? A. By increasing the temperature. B. By increasing the concentration. C. By increasing the surface area. D. By limiting the effects of inhibitors. What is the purpose of the burning splint in a reaction? A. to change the reaction from an endothermic to an exothermic reaction B. to change the reaction from an exothermic to an endothermic reaction C. to lower the activation energy D. to provide activation energy Which is an example of how to supply activation energy to begin a reaction? A. Add an inhibitor. B. Heat the reaction flask on a hot plate. C. Add a catalyst. D. Cool the reaction flask in an ice bath. . If a burning candle is covered by a large glass beaker, the flame will go out. How does the beaker affect the conditions described by the fire triangle? A. It limits the fuel available to the flame. B. It prevents more oxygen from reaching the flame once the existing oxygen is used up. C. It limits the heat available for the flame to continue to burn under the glass beaker. D. It removes oxygen from the flame. Will mark brainliest please i need the answers