If you buy stock, you hope that in the next few years there will be a. a bull market
b. a bear market
c. a flat market
d. an up-and-down market


Answer 1
Answer: If you buy stock, you hope that in the next few years there will be "a bull market," since this phrase means that the stock market is doing well and you'll make a profit. 
Answer 2
Answer: Generally Bull market, unless your short-selling in which case a bear market is best.
Im a Stock Analyst.

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The Dred Scott decision had an impact on _____. Select the best answer from the choices provided.
enslaved African Americans
African Americans living in the South
all African Americans
African Americans who were born to enslaved mothers






PLEASE HELP!! 1. One major change that occurred between the years of 1915 to 1945 was that the united states assumed more responsibility and and leadership in world events.
True or False

2.During this time period (1915 to 1945), Washington state became more isolated and less connected to the rest of the country.
True or False

3.The United-States remained neutral during the first few years of World War one.
True or False

4. The US involvement in the World War One did not make much of a difference because the Allied countries were already wining the war.
True or False

5. Which country was NOT a member of the Allies, who fought against the Central Powers in World War I?
A. Great Britain
C.the United States

6. which of the following best describes why the United States entered World War One?
A. When the first world war began, the majority of American people supported sending troops, and President Wilson finally gave into the public pressure.
B. Because of the Russian (Bolshevik) Revolution.
C. Americans watched the war coverage on television and felt sympathetic toward the Allied Countries.
D. The German military began threatening American ships in the Atlantic Ocean.

7.Which of the following is NOT an impact of WWI on the daily lives of Washington citizens?
A.Children were not allowed to go to school.
B. People conserved and rationed food and fuel.
C.Families felt the effects of the draft when men in their families left to serve in the military.
D. Acts of disloyalty were questioned and could result in arrest.

8. Which of the following traditional Washington industries was most important during the war effort and received the biggest boost form WWI?

9. Select ALL Allied countries during WWI.
B. Germany

10. Select ALL challenges faced by people who worked in the logging and milling
industry in Washington.
A.Many workers were migratory: they had to move form place to place to find work.
B.Workers often lived in isolated areas and shared bunkhouses that were filthy.
C. Most loggers made a lot of money, and they were treated poorly because people were Jealous.

Thank you Guys so much! sorry for the long post.


1. True
2. False
3. True
4. False
5. Germany
6. D
7. A
8. A
9. Russia. Britain. France.
10. B. C. --> Not so confident on the last one, but all the others should be good.

How did issues in power, wealth and morality influence the colonization in North America?


First of all, when the first 13 states were free from the rule of Britain, the had to go thru with many wars. When they were finally free, the founding fathers decided to make a thing called the a Confederation. A confederation gives the individual states their own power. the people didn't want to be ruled over by another central government. the states would get into conflict because they had their own power to tax. this made it so they didn't tax themselves and the government couldn't support an army. so the founding fathers decided to make a constitution. that would benefit the citizens and everyone was equal and no one is above the law. Sry if this answer was too long.

He first American political party to successfully have a President in office was the A) Whigs.
B) Democrats.
C) Federalists.
D) Democratic Republicans.


The federalists were the first American political party to successfully have a President in office was the


the correct answer is C. FEDERALIST


The Federalists were the first successful American political party. They were formed by people who wanted ratification of the Constitution. Although against political parties, George Washington was a Federalist in his second term. John Adams was also a Federalist.

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