What is perimeter and area


Answer 1
Answer: Perimeter is the surrounding of a shape area is the space inside a shape
Answer 2
Answer: Perimeter is the distance around the figure 2l + 2w
Area is the measure of the space inside of the figure  l x w

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Can someone help me? 26-2z = 3(2-4z)
And Z = ?


26 - 2z = 6 - 12z ;  / +12z 
26 + 10z = 6 ;  / - 26
10z = -20  ; / ÷10
z = - 2 ;

Xian and his cousin Kai both collect stamps. Xian has 64 stamps, and Kai has 76 stamps. The boys recently joined different stamp-collecting clubs. Xian's club will send him 20 new stamps per month. Kai's club will send him 16 new stamps per month. After how many months will Xian and Kai have the same number of stamps? How many stamps will each have?


Xian = 64+20m

Kai = 76+16m

set them equal

(m = months)

64 +20m = 76+16m

subtract 16 m from each side

64+4m = 76

subtract 64 from each side

4m = 12


in 3 months they will have the same number of stamps

64+20m = 64 +20(3) = 64+60 = 124

in 3 months they will have the same number of stamps, 124


Suppose that you draw two cards from a deck. After drawing the first card, you do not put the first card back in the deck. What is the probability (rounded to the nearest ten thousandth) that both cards are diamonds? (A) 0.0543
(B) 0.0588
(C) 0.0625
(D) 0.0643
(E) None of the above



(B) 0.0588

Step-by-step explanation:

The probability is calculated as a division between the number of possibilities that satisfy a condition and the number of total possibilities. Then, the probability that the first card is diamonds is:

Because the deck has 52 cards and 13 of them are diamonds.

Then, if the first card was diamonds, the probability that the second card is also diamond is:

Because now, we just have 51 cards and 12 of them are diamonds.

Therefore, the probability that both cards are diamonds is calculated as a multiplication between and . This is:


Suppose that c varies jointly with d and the square of g, and c = 30 when d = 15 and g = 2. Find d when c = 6 and g = 8. Write the equation of the variation.​



Step-by-step explanation:

c varies jointly with d and the square of g

where, k is constant of proportionality.

Put the given value c = 30 when d = 15 and g = 2 and find out k

If c = 6 and g = 8 then d = ?

Hence, The value of d is

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