an object that weighs 10ib on earth would weigh only 4ib on mars if you weigh 95ib on earth how much would you weigh on mars


Answer 1
Answer: *I'm assuming ib is a typo for lb.

You can set up a proportion saying:

Cross multiply:

So, you would weigh 38 lbs on Mars if you weighed 95 lbs on Earth.

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Identify the least common multiple of x2 − 10x + 24 and x2 − x − 12. \


Factor x^2 - 10x +24 = (x - 4)(x - 6)

Factor x^2 - x - 12 = (x - 4)(x + 3)

The common multiple is (x - 4)


What is the length of the arc on a circle with radius 20 in. intercepted by a 15° angle? Use 3.14 for π .
Round the answer to the hundredths place.
Enter your answer in the box.

What is the measure of the central angle of a circle with radius 24 ft that intercepts a 10 ft arc?
Use 3.14 for π .
Round the answer to the hundredths place.
Enter your answer in the box.


A. Since we know that formula to find arc length is:  

Therefore, the length of intercepted arc will be 5.23 in.

B. Since we know that formula to find central angle is:

Therefore, measure of central angle will be 23.89 degrees.

Length of arc  = (15/360) * 2*3.14*20  =   5.23  ins

circumference of the circle = 2*3.14*24 = 150.72

angle at center  from 10 ft arc  = (10/150.72)  * 360  = 23.89 degrees


Rectangular box a has a greater volume than rectangular box and b but the length of box a is less than the length of box b. how is this possible?


Volume=length times width times height

it is possible for us to have a shorter length but have greater volume if the other 2 dimentions (width and height) are sufficiently great to compensate


box a is length 2, width 10 and height 20, volume is 400 cubic units
box b is length 3, width 4, and height 5, volume is 60 cubic units

the width and heigth must be greater
They must have had different widths

Solve. 6(4 – x) + 6x = 24

A.all real numbers


C. –4

D. 0


First, you develop, and you get:

Then, you put known numbers apart (numbers without x), and unknown numbers apart (numbers with x), and remember that moving from a part to another change the sign of the number. So you get:

And now you operate, and u get:

Since we get the same number in the 2 parts ( the number 0), that means that the correct answer is A (all real numbers)

Hope this Helps! :)
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