QUICK! What reasons do we as citizens have to protect our data? (This question is based from an evaluation of the role of cryptography in the life of everyday citizens.)



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The EPA is trying to decide whether or not to ban a certain chemical that has been associated with acid rain. What would be the most helpful in their decision-making process? polls on whether people like the chemical
scientific information about the chemical and its effects
scientific information about the general effects of pollution
polls on people’s opinions of acid rain


The most helpful information source for EPA in this decision-making process is: B. scientific information about the chemical and its effects.

What is EPA?

EPA is an abbreviation for Environmental Protection Agency and it refers to an agency of the federal government which was established by US Congress to oversee the regulation of pollution, pesticide use, environmental clean up, toxic chemical compounds, hazardous waste spills, contamination, and environmental compliance by industries and individuals.

In this scenario, scientific information about the chemical compound and its effects is considered to be the most helpful information source for EPA in this decision-making process.

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the answer would be B for this


Cars with hybrid and electric motors a. use more fuel than conventional cars use.
b. create less air pollution.
c. use solar panels for power.
d. are no longer produced


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The fee the bank charges the depositor of a bad check is... Service fee Below minimum balance fee A returned check fee Non-sufficient funds fee (NSF)


The non-sufficient fund fee is the fee that the bank charges to someone who ISSUES a bad check.

On the other hand, the returned check fee is the fee that the bank charges to someone who DEPOSITS a bad check

Based on this, the answer to your question is: returned check fee

Respecting yourself and others, educating yourself and connecting with others, and protecting yourself and others are all aspects of being a good
(2 words). Enter the answer.


The most appropriate word to fill in the blank is: digital citizen.

A citizen can be defined as a terminology that is used to describe (qualify) an individual who is legally recognized by the laws enshrined in a constitution to be a legitimate member of a particular country, either by birth or naturalization.

A digital citizen refers to an individual or person that develops the skills and knowledge so as to effectively use information technology (IT) and other digital communication technology in engaging responsibly, positively, competently, ethically, and critically in politics, society and government. Thus, digital citizenship is mainly focused on the responsible, ethical, positive and confident use of digital technologies to communicate and participate in society, as well as the creation of digital contents for others.

Basically, digital citizenship is based on the following concepts;

  • Digital footprints.
  • Digital and information literacy of citizens.
  • Privacy and security.
  • Internet safety and policy.
  • Digital communication, cyberbullying and etiquette.
  • Copyright laws and creative credits.

In conclusion, a good digital citizenship entails respecting yourself and the rights of others, educating yourself and connecting with others, and  protecting yourself and others.

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