Cooking: it's a simple act that has brought families around the world together for thousands and thousands of years. As a chef, I can think of few things more beautiful than that. However, I also know how deadly such a simple act can be , not only to our health, but to our environment. Why does the author place these paragraphs first in his argument?


Answer 1

Answer: They attempt to get the reader interested in the topic.


The author's description of cooking as a potentially deadly activity is found at the beginning of his argument because it is meant to grab the reader’s attention, which is the most important aspect of an effective introduction. Furthermore, this introduction presents the topic and tone of the article, leading to the thesis statement.

Answer 2
Answer: Its basically to point out his stance

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a.The client will be in the “CC” field.

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Melanie would be in the To field

The copyrighting team would be in the CC field

B and E


how would you start an essay about this topic, " Is it more important what someone does or what someone thinks"


I would start by asking a questions  most teachers dont like that but that is the only way i see that u can approach this like ask do u think its important what i think or do and then state Ur opion 
Start of by stating the title "Is it more important what someone does or what someone thinks" and then state the three most important paragraphs you are going to state in this essay also including your thoughts on this question. The introduction is the most important part of an essay as it has to engage the reader and intrigue them to read more but also be short. In the body you must have the three paragraphs you talked about in your introduction and then if you would like add another but don't make it too long or too boring (you are trying to keep them engaged) In the conclusion you must repeat what you said in the introduction but not word for word and then state what you believe in the end.  hope this helps :)

PLZ HELP Which best explains a strategy for ensuring a beginner audience will understand your essay? 1.You can use casual expressions and slang.
2.You must make sure you define technical language.
3.You should use extremely formal word choice and sentence structure.
4.You can use nonstandard English.


ANSWER: 2.you must make sure you define technical language

i just took the test and got it right

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2.You must make sure you define technical language


took test and got it right


(50 points)Which best identifies a character trait of Meip? arrogant

(From Diary of Anne Frank)


The answer is wealthy
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