Joanna lives according to her own rules, unconcerned about designer labels, brand names, and luxury items. joanna is at which level in maslow's hierarchy of needs? select one: a. safety
b. physiological
c. love
d. self-actualization
e. esteem


Answer 1

The correct answer is D. Self-actualization


In Maslow's hierarchy that is a theory about human needs, self-actualization is at the top of the hierarchy. This level implies the individual has reach self-fulfillment or its potential. Additionally, self-actualization means the individual priorities are not focused on needs that are below self-actualization including physiological needs, safety needs or love/belonging needs. Instead, the individual acts independently and worries only about its potential. This occurs in the case of Joanna because she lives according to her rules, and she goes beyond social/belonging needs that is why she is not concerned about brand names or luxury items and therefore it is likely she is the last level or self-actualization.

Answer 2
Answer: I believe the answer is D. Self-actualization. Hope this helps you!

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