Two technicians are discussing lung protection in the shop. Technician A says that respiratory-protection devices can prevent you from inhaling harmful dusts, gases, or vapors. Technician B says that dust masks are made of heavy plastic, metal, and safety glass and offer a higher level of protection than a respirator. Who is correct? A. Technician B only B. Technician A only C. Neither Technician A nor B D. Both Technicians A and B


Answer 1

The correct answer is technician A.

A respiratory-protective equipment is used to protect the wearer against inhalation of hazardous substances in the workplace air. It covers the nose and mouth or sometimes the entire face. Respirators may be air purifying, tight fitting, or loose fitting. We should wear respirators only when adequate control of exposure cannot be achieved through other means. A gas mask on the other hand, is made up of light material like paper and does not offer higher level protection than respirator.

Answer 2
Answer: The correct answer is Technician A ONLY. I had this on my test, so im sure of my answer!

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