If you are going to the concert, you should buy tickets in advance. (Points : 2) advance tickets should be bought tickets should be bought in advance tickets should have been bought in advance should buy advance tickets No improvement or correction is required.


Answer 1
Answer: This is an arguable question because I believe there could be two answers.
On one hand, the sentence above is correct the way it is, and no improvement or correction is required. To buy tickets in advance means to buy them before going to the concert. On the other hand, you can also say - tickets should be bought in advance - both options are correct. However, if you have to choose only one, I'd go with - no improvement or correction is required.

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How does Dickinson support her assertion that poetry is more expansive than prose? 1. She looks for examples of the wondrous in the world.

2. She argues that prose rarely communicates effectively.

3. She discusses the subject with knowledgeable people.

4. She compares poetry to a house without barriers.


1 she looks for examples of the wonders in the world

What should you always avoid in formal writing? A. Slang or filler words
B. Dates and signatures
C. Complete sentences
D. A personal voice


A. would be the correct answer 
B= Helpful
C= Needed
D=  Recommended 
The answer is A definatly

What is one way to try to solve an Internet access problem? A. clearing items from the cache

B. running an anti-virus program

C. inspecting the power cord

D. uninstalling the software


Inspecting the power cord is one way to try to solve an internet access problem

Hope this helps :)

Sorry If you needed an explanation


C inspecting the power cord



Analysis of the poem The Telephone by Edward Field


Although the telephone is a technical device, the speaker imbues it with warmth because it transmits love and friendship through its lines and receiver. His feelings, reflective of many in a time when there was no other technology for personal communication, are expressive of his delight in being able to hear the voices of friends or his lover. With the telephone he can feel connected to his loved ones and thereby overcome the anonymity of subways and buses where people do not converse, but act as automatons. Without the telephone, he feels isolated, like "a bear in a cave." He awaits with eagerness the "spring" that the telephone brings him in the "shadowy winter" of his urban isolation.
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