Those who are most likely to experience a psychological stress disorder are


Answer 1
Answer: I heard its called depressed

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Three branches of goverment


The 3 branches of the US government: 

Executive branch: the president of the US
Legislative branch: the Congress
Judicial branch: the Supreme Court

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executive, judicial, legislative


The olympic symbol is an example of the gestalt principle of


Olympic symbol is an example of the gestalt principle of Simplicity.

The Gestalt principles are basically established rules which describe how the human eye/mind perceives visual elements.

The six established principles of gestalt theory includes similarity, continuation, closure, proximity, figure/ground and symmetry & order

The simplicity principle of gestalt theory states the human mind perceives everything in its simplest form.

Therefore, the correct answer is simplicity principle because the Olympic symbol is one who is been perceived in its simplest form.

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The Olympic symbol is an example of the gestalt principle of simplicity (Pragnanz). 

"A democratic government is based on majority rule of the people. This would be impossible under the large republic proposed by the Constitution." Which of the following best describes this quote?


I believe the correct answer is - It represents the perspective of an Anti-Federalist, arguing for a stronger role for the states.
As you can see in the quote above, this person doesn't want America to be a federalist state, made up of a number of states, but run by one single government. He believes that it would be much better if each state had its own government and could decide what is best for itself, and not depend on somebody else's decisions. 

What is a good way to summerize Thomas Moore's Utopia?




In the Novels Written by Thomas More, Book 1 talks about all the things wrong with society and civilization. Later in Book 2 he introduces the island known as a Utopia (perfect paradise) in which he seems to be intending to provide suggestive changes that may improve the European Society as a whole by incorporating those changes into his Utopian Island within the Novel. That is the most basic summary of Thomas More's Utopia Novels.

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