What's a 3 sided shape


Answer 1
Answer: Hey There, 

Question: "What's a 3 sided shape?"

Answer: A triangle

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Answer 2
Answer: It is called a triangle

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For the set D = (4,6,8,10), determine n(D)


For the given set D; the number of elements in the set D as denoted by n(D) is; 4.

Elements of a set.

According to the question;

  • We are required to determine n(D)

The number of elements in a set is given by the notation n(D).

On this note, the set given in this question;

  • D = (4,6,8,10) has 4 elements.

Ultimately, n(D) = 4 elements.

Read more on number of elements in a set;

n(D) = 4

Step-by-step explanation:

Given Data:

Set D = {4, 6, 8, 10}

The number of elements in a set is called the cardinal elements (or) cardinality of the sets. This is denoted by n(A).

Here it is denoted by n(D).

The number of elements in the set D is 4.

The cardinality of the set is 4.

Hence, n(D) = 4.


Pleaseeeeeee help meeeeeeee A boat travels for 4 hours at a constant speed of 35.25 km/h. How far does the boat travel?

105 km
120 km
141 km
352 km



141 km

Step-by-step explanation:

This is because as the boat travels at a constant speed, it will travel the same distance each hour.  The boat travels at 35.25 km/h, so you must multiply this number by 4.

This gets the answer 141 km.


141 km

Step-by-step explanation:

1.06 Quiz: Average Speed Problems

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If the difference of two numbers is 7 and their product is 60, what are they?


X - y = 7.....x = y + 7
x * y = 60

y(y + 7) = 60
y^2 + 7y = 60
y^2 + 7y - 60 = 0
(y + 12)(y - 5) = 0

y + 12 = 0
y = -12....not this one because it is negative

y - 5 = 0
y = 5

The Roman cubitus is an ancient unit of measure equivalent to about 0.445 m. Convert the 2.00-m height of a basketball forward to cubiti.



4.4944 cubiti

Step-by-step explanation:

If one cubitus is equivalent to 0.445 meters. To find the height of this 2.00-meter basketball forward in cubiti, simply multiply the height in meters by the conversion rate, as follows:

The height of this basketball forward in cubiti is  4.4944 cubiti.

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